Millennials Reveal Things That Are No Longer Cool Once You Turn 30

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I’m going to go out on a wild limb here and tell you that just because you’ve aged to a certain number doesn’t mean you need to stop doing things you love.

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There are some things that once you’ve exited your 20s, you may want to consider putting to bed. NO, not video games (hi, my name is Kate and I just 100%’d Red Dead 2) and NO, not things you sincerely enjoy.

Redditor u/nonchalannt recently asked Reddit:

“What’s not “cool” anymore when you turn 30?”

And the answers worth sharing are all down below.

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1. Blacking out

Getting blackout drunk. Turns out I’m not fun, I’m just an alcoholic.


2. Sleep

I value my sleep a lot more at 30 than I did at 29. It scares me. I’m not in my twenties anymore but life is good


3. Hangovers

Hangover when you’re 20: “I’ll be fine, just give me some coffee and sandwich and I’m good as new.” Hangover when you’re 30: “for fuck’s sake now my day is ruined.”

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4. Bookings

Teenager/early 20s: “Yo, we can save money by booking the 7am return flight and not paying for accommodation – lets just stay at the club until 5am or sleep on the airport floor!”

30yo: “I’d rather die”


5. Being Cool

Actually for me it was around 35, because I like banging my head into a wall, but others started realizing earlier than me. Everyone I knew started realizing that all of the things I thought were cool when we were 20 were actually really, really dumb and unimportant and weren’t interested in them anymore. And I’m not even married or have kids, I can’t imagine how stupid the shit I was into would seem if I had a family.

However, video games I played when I was young still seem cool to literally everyone my age, so that didn’t change even though I expected it would.


6. Bailing

Bailing on plans last minute. If you don’t want to do something, just say so.

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7. Bragging

Bragging about your high school accomplishments.


8. Splitting hotels

Sleeping 8 to a hotel room to save money.


9. Payday

Spending all your money at the bar on payday.

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10. Oh Well

Here’s some prospective from waaay in your future – I’m 64. When I was in my 50’s my motto was, “Oh, well.” I have 2 mottoes for my 60’s – “Anyway, doesn’t matter,” and “I don’t need that stress in my life.” It’s a great place to live. 😁


11. Dumb

Acting stupid and doing dumb shit. Your risk of getting hurt increases.


12. Noise

Anything loud. I am finding that anything loud (voices, music, TV,etc.) is turning into Noise for me. I am surprised by how much my tolerance for ambient sound has drastically decreased.

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13. Caring

Caring what others think of me. You don’t like me? That’s fine. I live my life for me.


14. After—no

Anything that is called an “afterparty.” I am barely going to make it to the party, son.


15. Not Special

Thinking I’m special. The older I get, the more I realize I’m just a dopey bug that knows nothing about anything

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16. Friendships

Wasting time on friendships that don’t impact you in a positive way.


17. Slang

Trying to keep up with modern slang words.


18. Night shift

Night shift. I abused my 20’s to it’s limit and fucked my sleep schedule so bad that even several years on days not hasn’t fully fixed.

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19. Grow up

Not being able to cook and clean for yourself, male or female, what a turn off, and definitely not cool


20. Working

Working yourself to death, over consumption of alcohol or drugs, not getting enough sleep. Overall anything that’s negative, trying to make it cool is the lamest thing.


Written by Kate Hackett

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