People Are Revealing The Ugliest American Cities They’ve Ever Seen, And It’s Starting Arguments

ugliest american cities
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People in the U.S. have a lot of regional pride, for better or worse, but few people came out to defend their hometown if it got mentioned on this thread started by Reddit user u/teddyjr32378, who asked, “What is the ugliest city you have ever visited?”

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There were definitely a lot of arguments over which city was the champion king of ugliness, but no one argued that any of these cities are not ugly. Though, I do think there should be more conversation about why they’re ugly, because usually what the commenters were describing is just…poverty.

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Of course, crumbling infrastructure, a lack of opportunities or housing, and rampant drug use in the population will make a place look run down. These cities aren’t so much ugly as they are in desperate need of social services and jobs. Any city could become ugly under these circumstances!

Except maybe Las Vegas, which is an anomaly in the desert that really luxuriates in its insane depravity. It’s almost admirable.

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Anyway, here’s the list of the ugliest American cities, just in case you want to go on a really sad road trip:

1. Gary, Indiana

Most of the buildings are in some form of disrepair, including but not limited to schools, churches, houses, gas stations, store fronts. A lot of condemned buildings.

A lot of open land is overgrown and it bad condition. Cracks in the roads with grass growing through, cracks in the sidewalks.

Everywhere is sketchy, like will I get shot, robbed, ran over, or all of the above. —tL1ght

2. Bakersfield, California

I passed through Bakersfield and some dude begged me to go into the liquor store to get him a pint of vodka because he had no ID. I gave in and did it and when I came out and gave him the bottle and asked him for the money he handed me a bag of meth… 🧐 not cool —2_headed_dog

3. Youngstown, Ohio

Pure depression. —ThomasGeofferson

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4. Waldo, Florida

The entire thing is a speed trap where the speed limit changes about 8 times within about a mile and there are always cops waiting. —Splarnst

5. Albany, New York

just feels like a really big Greyhound bus station to me. In the summer it’s kinda gross, but in the winter it’s a muddy gray shitpile. Whenever I’ve found myself there I’ve felt like I need to escape it – probably in an old school bus with razor wire strung around it with sharpened broomstick handles protruding from the windows. —VapidHooker

6. Johnstown, Pennsylvania

You can almost feel that the city is dying a slow, unsettling death. —RXIXX777

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7. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Let me paint a picture. In a rental car after 14 hours of driving, I make it about halfway into town. And need gas badly. I pull over to a pretty empty gas station. Just Some oily cardboard sheets spread out here and there. Trees pretty much envelope 3/4s of the sides of the building itself. I get ready to slide my card in the reader when 6 individuals start exiting the cover of the trees.

Three guys take up sitting or lying down on the strewn cardboard and three women/girls of questionable age somewhere between 16 and 40 I ballpark approach my car and try to hem and haw and cough to get my attention. I pull my card back, say “aww shit, declines. F—k.”

Get back in my car and speed away. In my rearview I see more people keep coming out of the trees. They didn’t look pleased. —COGspartaN7

8. Lawton, Oklahoma

I’ve seen a lot of people mention armpits here but I can say that Lawton is most certainly America’s a—hole because the wind is always blowing. —Trulyacynic

9. Shreveport, Louisiana

i was on a road trip from Texas and crossed the border into Louisiana through Shreveport and after driving for several minutes my friend and i started noticing that we hadn’t seen a single soul since we crossed. like no one. we ended up driving to “downtown” Shreveport and it was even scarier. All the big buildings’ windows were boarded up and again, not a single soul or even another car on the road. This was around 6 PM too!

The city was so ugly and desolate and empty that we started to get scared that we’d unknowingly stumbled upon some Silent Hill sh—t until we crossed some bridge into what looked like the newer part of town and finally started seeing people.—nopenonotatall

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10. Los Angeles, California

Depressing concrete shithole and I’m glad I visited nicer cities in the USA. Everyone was so angry/sad there. —rzor89

11. Laurel, Mississippi

The try to doll it up on the HGTV show, but it’s a cesspool. Upgraded to the most violent city in Mississippi last year, if I’m not mistaken. —SethOfASalesman

12. Las Vegas, Nevada

Although I wouldn’t call it much of a city; it was more of a clusterf-ck of buildings, neon, and wasted lives all stitched together smack in the middle of bumf-ck nowhere —DOC360noscope

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13. Modesto, California

It should be a crime to make a city as ugly as Modesto in a state with so much beauty. —Abracadaver2000

14. Camden, New Jersey

If you’re going to call a city in NJ the worst, it’s Camden and it’s really not even up for debate. —rossmosh85

15. Toledo, Ohio

I can’t believe Michigan and Ohio fought a war over that sh-thole —rhb4n8

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16. Pampa, Texas

Pampa must be amazingly ugly because it’s a synonym for “the middle of nowhere” in German. —QuarahHugg

17. Tucson, Arizona

It is called the “Dirty T” for a reason. —zuul99

18. Fayetteville, North Carolina

What a town. My dad and I were going through in the early 2000s and the only motel with any open capacity was attached to a strip club. They served their continental breakfast in the strip club. It was weird —JeVoudraisNutella

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19. Birmingham, Alabama

Half the city is just bland brown brick buildings from the 80’s, and the other half is basically abandoned ruins of bland brown brick buildings from the 80’s —quantipede

20. Superior, Wisconsin

just gross —randosinclaire