Video Shows Uber Driver Being Assaulted After Asking Passenger To Wear A Mask


A horrifying video shows an Uber driver named Subhakar Khadka getting assaulted by a woman and insulted by her two friends after he allegedly asked her to put a mask on.

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ABC 7 San Francisco reporter Dion Lim shared the clip on social media, writing that Khadka wasn’t aware one of the women was maskless as they entered, and began driving.

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When he asked her to put on a mask, she began coughing deliberately in his direction. in the video, she lunges to take his phone, and when he grabs it back she screams at him for touching her. The others join in and say he will be “beat the f-ck up.”

She then rips his mask from his face, breaking one of the strings.

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He then canceled the ride and tried to leave them at a gas station, but they refused to exit the car.

The woman seen on the far right who assaulted him has an Instagram account on which she has been defending herself, alleging that Khadka was trying to drop them off along the freeway, then says he tried to leave them in “the hood.”

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She shared small portions of her own videos of the altercation, which show a regular-looking neighborhood during a bright, busy day.
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She also accused him of wanting to go viral and that he should have told her to wear a mask before they entered the car, though it has been Uber policy for some time:

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She continued to defend her behavior in an Instagram livestream, announcing that she would be suing Uber.

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The Daily Dot reports that Lim was contacted by an Uber representative who told them, “The behavior seen in the video is appalling. The rider no longer has access to Uber.”

Khadka has had quite a bit of trouble getting any kind of compensation for the difficult interaction, and he claims pepper spray went off in his car that needs to be cleaned. He shared messages he had with the company in which they offer him $20. After considerable negotiation, he received $120.

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Anti-masker violence has been an alarming trend all year, and this video shows what service workers trying to protect themselves and customers get put through at their hands.