People Share Things That Turn Them On — But They Hate (18 Posts)

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Have you ever gotten turned on by something totally random that ended up making you question yourself? You’re not alone. On Reddit, folks are sharing the things that turn them on that they actually hate or feel embarrassed about. Stuff that isn’t even necessarily sexual, like someone whispering in your ear or speaking in a deep voice. But I guess that’s the point — non-sexual things can weirdly become sexual and make you feel totally out of control. Except the person who gets turned on at the dentist. That’s a little hard to understand.

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1. Getting Stuff From High Places

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“Fetching sh*t for me from high places. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. But still.” — BitchIsLit

2. Moaning

“Moaning – whoever moans, can be jokingly or purely sexual. Instant flip of my mind and body, works always and I cant fight it off.” — Dingity_ding

3. Whispers

“Whispering in my ear. Almost impossible for a pretty girl to tell me a secret without me getting hard.” — CosmosOfTime·

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4. Deep Voices

“People’s voices. Like if a guy has a deep husky voice, it make me blush. And when they talk to me, my brain stop working.” — Mimi34kolo

5. Veins

“Veiny arms and hands. I despise that such a small feature is so hot.” — gracekiyoko

6. Crying

“As weird as it sounds, when my girlfriend is crying about something and I’m comforting her, I always get a boner. It feels weird, and I’m ashamed of it, and i have no idea why it happens.” — kittenklyn

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7. Thighs

“Thighs, it was an accidental ‘fake it till you make it’ with the anime thighs jokes, but now I can’t even handle a square inch of thighs without a little bit of a feeling.” — Banana_Wizard_125

8. Sarcasm

“Women who are sarcastic. Often times it’s out of rudeness but damn if it doesn’t get me riled up in more ways than one.” — TakenItSleazy

9. “Darling”

“My fiancée loves it when I get sick. I get a deep voice, and she demands I call her ‘Darling’ or ‘Good girl.'” — SythySyth

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10. “Shut up”

“I was partnered up with the girl back in high school. It turned me on when she would tell a class mate to shut up so we could work, when they were trying to talk to me.” — Undercover_TV