“What Are You 100% Certain Is True Despite Having No Evidence?”—20 Replies


We all have things we believe, despite not having concrete facts or evidence to support them. Maybe you 100% think your toys come alive the minute you leave the room or that aliens are preparing to colonize the earth.

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These things aren’t always as ridiculous as they sound though. People are also holding on to serious issues that they can’t quite prove. Just think of how many folks are walking the streets because there wasn’t enough proof to lock them away.

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Whatever it is, we all have our thing.

In a recent Reddit thread, users answered the question:

“What are you 100% certain is true despite having no evidence to confirm or disprove your belief?”

Here are 20 of their answers, it definitely gets interesting. You may also feel less crazy, if someone else shares your beliefs.

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1. Parents might still be alive…

That my dad might be alive. He supposedly died in 2009. He was a huge paranoid conspiracy theorist to the point where he would bury his money, planted bushes to hide behind incase the government had a shoot off with him, and at one point thought we all had been replaced by clones. The only people who saw his body are one of my aunts and my grandma who had Alzheimer’s. They told us he was cremated and at the funeral there was no coffin, no urn, all there was was a black and white photo from when he was 10 (he was born in the 50’s). I’ve yet to see his urn or death certificate and it’s been 12 years. He had connections to people who could have easily helped him fake his death, he also had the money to do this. People have also supposedly seen him in Indiana (they took a picture and tbh the guy looks just like him only a bit older, same hunchback, same tattoo on his leg, and he even walked with the same little limp)


2. Food shrinkage

Big Mac keeps getting smaller.


3. Supervisor sabotage

A supervisor changed my days off at the last minute without telling me in an attempt to get me fired for attendance.

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4. Carnival conspiracy

I’m convinced that theme parks/fairs/carnivals pay people to walk around with giant prizes to make the games look more winnable and convince more people to play.


5. Tech tragedies

Software updates at the end of a product lifetime will brick the device.


6. Scientology stuff

That the leader of Scientology killed his wife and burned the body. And bribed the police to get away with it.

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7. Lying co-workers

My co-worker lies about her medical conditions.

She lies that she has seizures, and while I can’t prove it, I know it’s a lie because she’ll drive the same day that she claims to have a seizure.

Any time you mention any medical condition, she has it and it’s worse than your case.

She has mentioned having toxic shock syndrome, colitis, and a bunch of other things I can’t recall at the moment. One day we were talking about Autism, and she mentioned that her 22 y.o. daughter (who also happens to work with us) was diagnosed as a child. A few days later the daughter casually mentioned that she had found out just recently that she’s Autistic. I wanted to tell her that she only JUST found out because her mom just recently made that shit up.


8. Glass trumps plastic

Coke/soft drinks taste better in glass bottles than plastic.


9. M&Ms madness

Mini M&Ms taste much better than regular-sized ones.

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10. Pet problems

That my sweet, innocent, shy dog is a diabolical mastermind who creates scenarios that get my hyperactive dog into trouble in order to maintain his “favorite” title among friends and family. I’ve seen some things. Poor Wendy.