Man Paralyzed At 2017 Travis Scott Concert ‘Extremely Upset’ And Wishes Rapper Had ‘Learned His Lesson’

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In the aftermath of the Astroworld Festival tragedy, mayhem at previous Travis Scott concerts has been brought up time and time again, with people questioning if the deaths of eight people and injuries of hundreds more were the unavoidable end to a long-running trajectory.

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Now, a former fan who was left partially paralyzed at a previous concert is speaking out.

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Kyle Green’s lawyer, Howard Hershenhorn, told TODAY that he “was extremely upset and sad for the devastation to these people and to their families — the people who were killed and the people who were horribly injured.”

“He’s even more incensed by the fact that it could have been avoided had Travis learned his lesson in the past and changed his attitude about inciting people to behave in such a reckless manner,” he told Rolling Stone.

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Green was paralyzed in 2017 after being pushed from a third-floor balcony during a concert at Terminal 5 in New York City. 

He brought a lawsuit against Scott, the company that owned the venue, the security company contracted for the event, and several others, specifically claiming that Scott incited the crowd in a way that resulted in his injuries. He also alleged that security mishandled the incident, moving him in a way that may have aggravated his injuries, which included a fractured vertebra, broken left wrist, and fractured right ankle.

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The lawsuit is actually still pending, but TODAY notes Scott “has denied ‘each and every’ allegation.”

Green’s case isn’t the only time Scott had been accused of inciting crowds prior to the Astroworld Festival

He pled guilty to reckless conduct after telling fans “we want rage” at Lollapalooza in 2015 and watching them storm the stage. In 2017, several were injured and Scott was arrested after he again encouraged fans to overtake security and rush the stage.

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At least 110 people have filed lawsuits against Scott in conjunction with Astroworld, including the family of a 9-year-old who is still in a coma.