“Too Many Red Flags”—Gay Man Passes Woman On Date A Note Telling Her To Run

Twitter user Hadia was on a coffee date when a stranger slipped her a warning note on a CVS receipt. On the note, the man wrote “Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl.”

Apparently, the man had a front-row seat to the date and did not like what was coming out of the guy’s mouth.

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The gesture made such an impact, @hadie__S took a picture of the note and uploaded it with the caption “I had coffee with a guy yesterday. When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me passed me this note.”

She said it was only after the note when she started to notice the red flags.

“It honestly wasn’t THAT bad….until after he came out the bathroom. Everything he said after the note was a major red flag.”

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One of those red flags was the guy’s stance on hip-hop artist DaBaby’s homophobic comments. The date also mentioned how he was a fan of controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuels.

In a tweet, Hadia said she continued the date because she didn’t feel in danger.

“I recognized the red flags, but I wasn’t in danger, so I stayed, because of course I had to debate him. I’m sure my guardian angel was exhausted and was like ‘BITCH, LEAVE!’”

She also mentioned there were plenty of other red flags later on that were dealbreakers, with or without the note.

“There were a few other GLARING red flags that I won’t mention, but don’t worry, I would have recognized them with or without the note. But the note was greatly appreciated and added some laughs to my night. There won’t be a second date.”

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Obviously, Twitter was concerned about the situation and wanted to learn more. One user noted how those red flags must have been bright for a stranger to take action.

While another shared that the man’s simple gesture is what allyship looks like.

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Of course, being Twitter, there were jokes. One user pointed out all the man had to give up to rescue Hadia, with another getting a nice lil CVS jab in.

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Meanwhile, a whole side argument about gay men ~knowing things~ erupted.

It… just…isn’t… getting through… To some straight men.

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While everyone else just wanted to know if the woman took the messenger’s advice.

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But The Straights seemed so baffled, so Twitter user @_teddythomas_ had to break it down for those who are… not as educated.

Basically, if you are a straight woman on a date and a gay man tells you to run, YOU RUN. It is that simple.

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See? This person knows.

Hadia’s Twitter account is now restricted — most likely due to the increased attention that comes with a viral tweet.

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Sending good vibes, good guys, and good dates to Hadia.