Woman Who Was Maced By A Cop Says He Tried To Match With Her On Hinge A Year Later


Online dating has made for all sorts of awkward encounters. If you haven’t swiped through profiles and come across people you work with, people you grew up with, or people you’ve hooked up with, you’ve had a truly unique experience.

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But some journeys through dating apps get even weirder.

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TikToker @camidoublewami received a message from a 22-year-old self-described “conservative” on Hinge recently and immediately realized why the man looked so familiar to her.

“Hey dream girl,” he wrote to her, according to her screenshots.

“You were the one who maced me at the BLM rally right,” she typed in response.

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Viewers went wild over the coincidence, and no small number suggested that @camidoublewami should’ve been stringing him along for a long con kind of revenge instead.

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“Meet up and mace him back,” one user wrote.

“Match, make him fall in love, and then ruin his life while he pays for everything the whole time,” offered @kylehernandez1990.

According to Cami, the cop actually responded to her accusation, with an admittedly confusing “You know it” and a winking emoji.

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Did he think she was joking with him? Does he consider talking about getting maced by an out-of-control cop flirting?

Whoever this guy is, he probably won’t get very far dating anyone outside of Parler with that attitude, but it wouldn’t be remotely surprising if he actually doesn’t remember Cami from their previous altercation.

“‘Idk I maced a lot of people at BLM rallies,’” one TikToker joked, as if they were the cop himself.