TikToker Calls Out Hinge Date For Requesting $4 For Coffee On Apple Pay

We’ve all been on a bad date in our lives — most more than one. But now, we can shame our bad dates on the internet like TikTok user Katlyn Phipps (@katlyn_phipps).

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Phipps recently went viral on TikTok for sharing her date’s audacity to ask her for $4 via Apple Pay to cover her coffee.

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Things men have: the audacity

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In the video, Phillps shared a screenshot of her conversation with her date. The text screenshot shows the date’s request for $4 on Apple Pay. Phipps then replies, “So I just woke up. Why did you request $4?”

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Then, her date sends back messages saying, “I assume the 2nd try for breakfast is canceled by now so that’s for the coffee last week since it seems we’re never gonna go out again. Really just don’t understand what games you are trying to play.”

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The next shot shows Phipp’s response to her cranky date’s complaint: “Okay [well] let me be crystal clear so that we’re on the same page. Let’s get some things straight before I humble your…”

The rest of the text message was not made available right away, but TikTok commenters wished it had been. “I WANNA SEE YOU HUMBLE HIM,” one said in all caps.

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In a follow-up video, Phipps said she had met the man on Hinge and they went out for coffee. She said she ordered a coffee and he offered to pay for it. When she was unable to meet up for the next date because of her schedule, he sent the request for his money back.

“I will absolutely not apologize for putting my education and family before anyone else. I am sorry I’m a busy person, but it is what it is. I didn’t know I had to make a long term commitments after getting food with you once,” she wrote.

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Featured Image: TikTok