Woman Shows ‘How Not To Catfish’ By Exposing Tinder Bro’s Fake Profile On TikTok

One TikTok user found herself going viral after exposing a would-be catfisher on Tinder.

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User @tanithgregory provided the dating community with a public service act by exposing one particularly lazy man’s attempt to fool folks with a fake profile.

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The video she posted is captioned “How NOT to catfish 101.”

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Using TikTok’s green screen feature, Gregory appears perusing the Tinder profile of a man supposedly named “Andrew.” Behind her, a generically handsome white dude smiles in his profile picture.

Gregory then informs “Andrew” that if he’s “going to go to the effort of cat fishing people on Tinder,” he needs to do the work—which in his case, includes “cropping the Google search” out of the image.

Then, Gregory points out that “Andrew” has neglected to crop the image and the Google search for “Tim Johnson model” is still there.” Whoops!

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Apparently, a lot of would-be catfishers do not know how to crop their images, noted some of the commenters.

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I mean, maybe don’t make this public? I’d hate to see catfishers get more adept in their deceptive skills.

But maybe this will be a wake up call. People, don’t fake your pictures. Be yourself!

Featured Image: TikTok