TikTok Egg Hack Literally Blows Up In Woman’s Face Causing Severe Burns

In the name of everything holy, DO NOT try to poach eggs in your microwave, even if TikTok tells you to!

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Some TikTok trends are helpful in the kitchen—like Gigi Hadid’s vodka sauce recipe or this delicious ramen hack.

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One home chef thought that the last trending TikTok egg hack was another lifesaver. Now, she has a burned face.

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Chantelle Conway of the UK performed a modified version of the hack that claimed to poach eggs without the use of a microwave. 

She was simply following the instructions—and she placed the egg in a glass full of already-boiling water and microwaved the glass for 10 seconds.

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Things went horribly wrong when the mother of 2 went to extricate the egg, dipping a cold spoon into the scalding hot water. The water reacted and shot upward toward her face and neck, which quickly and deeply burned her skin. 

“It felt like someone had a blowtorch on my face constantly, and I was convinced my whole face had burnt off,” said Conway. “It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I’ve had two natural childbirths.”

Luckily the woman was rushed to the hospital after she had splashed cold water onto her face to prevent more serious burning.

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Afterward, she took to TikTok to share her awful experience and to advise folks against following the dangerous challenge. 

Conway continues to update her followers about the state of her condition on her TikTok.


I need suggestions on what aftercare I can do . Not had much advice and I’m really scared

♬ original sound – Chantelle Conway ????
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According to her videos, she was advised by doctors to not be in the sun for the next year, and she shared that the itching is the worst part of recovery from her serious accident. 

As it turns out, some things are worth doing the long way.

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