Woman Throws Cheating Partner’s TV And PlayStation 5 Out The Window


After allegedly finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her, an Atlanta woman threw his television and PlayStation 5 out of the window of their third-story apartment. And it was all captured on video, posted to TikTok by a neighbor, and memorialized.

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Nora Fitzgerald, the neighbor, caught the unnamed woman hurling her partner’s things onto the street.


This is CRAZY!!! đŸ˜³ but ME TOO GIRL!!!!!! #GOOFF @mednight1998

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According to Nora, the woman discovered her boyfriend was unfaithful and decided to chuck his treasured electronics. The items smashed to bits on the pavement below.

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A man, who was possibly the owner of the broken stuff, was videoed standing outside, staring up at the window, and waving his arms.

“That’s a TV and PS5 out da window, allegedly don’t cheat on an Atlanta h*e, there are consequences,” Nora, who lives a few doors down from the woman, wrote in the video. 

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“This b***h is crazy, throwing out all of her man’s s**t,” Nora also said. “She threw a whole TV out here.”

Later, after the items stopped dropping from the window, Nora went over to see what else got thrown out. There were broken lamps, mirrors, pillows, and clothing on the ground.

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In a third video, Nora said that someone at the front desk told her that the woman was caught chasing the man with an axe and that police got involved.

Featured Image: TikTok