Men Are Sharing Things Women Just Don’t Understand (20 Posts)

LightField Studios/Shutterstock, Reddit

Technology has come a long way. But while we have self-driving cars, we don’t have tech that allows us to read each other’s minds…yet. Until we figure that out, we still need to rely on honest and open communication, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

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In a viral thread, the men of Reddit are sharing their feelings on this topic. The conversation began after one user asked the question: “What as a guy do you wish girls knew?”

The men are opening up and talking about everything from the desire for romance and genuine compliments to penis shrinkage. There was even a detailed explanation of the different ways women and men approach friendships.

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That said, here are 20 things men think women don’t understand.

1. Comfortable silence

Just because I’m not talking, doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying my time with you.


2. Male friendships aren’t the same…

I know f—k all about my mates. I don’t know what they’ll do in the future, I don’t know that much about their romantic life. They don’t know anything about me. Sometimes guys spend time around each other and don’t get too mixed up in the past or the future. This concept blows my sister’s mind.

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3. It’s the little things

That sometimes a hug or nice compliment can mean a lot. We can ride that wave for quite a while.


4. “It never occurs to most guys to just say: ‘Thanks!'”

If you genuinely compliment a guy…don’t be upset if they don’t react the same way a woman would react to a random compliment

Most dudes get them so infrequently that when it does happen, there is a part of them that wonders if it was genuine…or if they are just giving them a polite and/or pity compliment

This often leads to an awkward/unenthusiastic response to said compliment

It never occurs to most guys to just say “Thanks!”


5. It seems men are over the chase?

It’s 2022, I ain’t gonna chase no one. She says “no,” I’m backing all the way up.

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6. Say what you mean, mean what you say…

When I say “I don’t mind”, I really mean it. If I did mind, I would say so.


7. It’s not you, it’s him

I really like to hang out with my friends because I love them. Not because I don’t want to spend time with you.


8. Make the move!

Making a move on a guy will nearly always be appreciated.

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9. They like romance too

Men love being the target of a romantic gesture. Many men never have been.


10. He’s not dense

If you’re throwing signals at a guy, and he’s not catching them, it might not be because he’s so dense he doesn’t notice them. It might be that he does see them, but his self-esteem is so low his internal dialog talks him out of believing you are interested in him in a romantic or sexual context.

Throwing more obvious signals doesn’t overcome that. If knowing his self-esteem is that low isn’t enough for you to lose interest, be direct.


11. Shrinkage

About the shrinkage. Sometimes it hides like a frightened turtle.

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12. Alone time

Sometimes mans just needs some alone time.

(From everyone and everything)


13. Again, it’s not you…

Sometimes men just don’t get hard. It’s not you. It’s many things, from lifestyle and diet to stress and anxiety. And just getting older. Please try not to take it as a sign of lack of attraction or affection. Sometimes it just happens.


14. Summertime cuddles

Get away from me at night in the summertime, I still love you. I’m just hot as f—k and don’t want to snuggle.

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My GF was sleeping on me last weekend and my mind was screaming GET OFF ME WOMAN HOW ARE YOU UNDER A BLANKET IN THIS HEAT. Anyway I know not to wake a sleeping demon so I let her be.


15. Random things

We like random gifts, we like random hugs, we like random signs of affection and love – sometimes just a cup of coffee in my favourite mug is enough to convince me it’s going to be a good day.


16. Being supportive

We need just as much support as you do, it’s always a shock when a guys kills himself until you look back at all the subtle cries for help. We’re screaming on the inside and we need someone to let us know it’s okay.

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17. “It’s usually true…”

When we tell women that we don’t know how we feel about something its usually true and we genuinely don’t really understand how we are supposed to feel i personally wasn’t allowed to express emotions growing up and it turned into me not being able to understand my emotions.


18. Truth bombs

If you don’t want to hear the truth about something don’t ask me to tell you the truth. Because I’m going to tell you the truth every time.


19. The hurt doesn’t just disappear

All the hurtful things they say and do don’t just magically disappear from men’s memory. We have feelings too; and shitting on a man for being honest with feelings as not being manly is not only cruel but also highly ironic considering there’s a constant yearning for men with emotion.

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20. “The Toilet Metaphor”

Sex in your relationship is like the toilet in your house. It’s not the best part of your house and it’s not the reason you bought the house. It’s not the thing you think of first about why you love your house.

But if your toilet isn’t working right… it is the absolute #1 most important priority and it needs to be fixed immediately.

No, the relationship isn’t just about sex. But if we’re not having it or its unfulfilling or if it feels like we’re unattractive… then yes, guys will obsess over that.