Teen Discovers A Creepy, Secret Basement Under The Floor In Her Home

There have been a lot of creepy, secret discoveries going viral on TikTok lately, but this secret basement is the absolute winner of them all.

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Abi and her family discovered something peculiar below their storage cabinet. Underneath the floorboards were stairs that led to a secret basement.

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Abi filmed the surprise, showing the staircase in her home first. Looks like just an average home. Nothin’ creepy about it.

Then, Abbi turns and we see the kitchen and the storage pantry, with the floor ripped up.

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Abi did not say what led to the family discovering the secret basement, however, home remodels often do come with surprises for their homeowners.

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We wouldn’t be surprised if the family was doing a little home facelift, and… OPE! A basement appears!

Regardless of how terrifying it is, the rule of finding secret rooms is you have to go in them. So, Abi took us into the basement for a little tour.

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And it sucked!!!!!!

Seriously, out of all the secret TikTok discoveries, this one takes the cake for being the absolute nightmare-ish.

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Oh, but we haven’t even reached the most terrifying part yet.

Abi discovered a poster. One you’re likely to find in any teen or college student’s room. Something was definitely off about this poster, though.

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Definitely, definitely wrong.

The poster is scratched to the point where it is unrecognizable. It also looks fairly modern, which means someone had hung it up/scratched it to bits within the past couple of decades.

There is, though, an explanation for why a secret basement is below Abi’s storage cabinet.

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Turns out secret basements are common in the UK!