18 Supernatural Occurrences People Have No Explanation For

supernatural events

A lot of spooky occurrences can be chalked up to completely normal, non-terrifying things. The shadow that moves in the night is the cat, that scratching under the floorboards is a mouse infestation, the voice you hear by your bedside is nothing more than a dream.

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But as primed as our brains are to seek out rational explanations for things that, on the surface, seem otherworldly, sometimes there’s just no explanation to be found.

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Redditors are swapping their own stories of potential encounters with the supernatural, particularly the ones that they’ve never been able to explain. Read them if you dare — preferably with the lights on.


Was in college walking to class. Went to cross a busy street and a hand grabbed my shoulder (quite hard) and stopped me. A car zoomed by that would’ve killed me. Nobody was behind me or anywhere close enough to have stopped me. 



I had a sort of demonic mask on my shelf, and one day while I was working at my desk no more than four feet away from it, it just flew off the shelf and shattered on the floor. It didn’t just fall off the shelf, it was like someone threw it across the room.

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I once went to open a cupboard in the kitchen and had a deja vu feeling. I froze and remembered the moment vividly and knew that a mug would fall when I opened the cupboard. I held my hand out and opened it and the mug fell directly into my hand.



I dreamed the sequel to the Matrix years before it came out. I don’t even think it had been announced yet. But that scene where Neo fights a jillion Smiths in the playground? I had explained it in detail to my wife after I had the dream and we were both kind of taken aback seeing it on the screen. What a useless glimpse of the future.

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One night I had a dream about my Grandpa (who had died almost 20 years prior). We were in his home, and he kept telling me “we need to clean the house, we need to get the house ready.” When I asked him why, he just said “she’s coming home.” My Grandma, his wife of 50 years, died the next day.



Had a premonition I’d be involved in a car accident one morning on the way to work as I got out of bed. It was a very strange thought and I considered taking an alternate route but did not. As I got onto the highway it was raining and a car flew past me, hydroplaned, and slammed into my car.

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My close friend actually, his sister said that he had asked her a question, poking his head and half his body out his bedroom door (visible from couch), to ask when the grandma was coming back home. They didn’t know and told him as much so he went back to his room and closed the door. Well, who comes walking back into the house with the grandma helping with groceries?

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Sleeping in the guest room of my In-law’s house, I awoke to Death standing next to my bed. I couldn’t breathe and felt the most amazing peaceful feeling. I said, “I am ready to go.” Death said, “I have you, but not yet.” Then Death was gone and I was awake and breathing. It was 1 am. The next morning we got up to find that my mother in-law had died in the middle of the night.



Well when I was around 6 years old I was walking down the stairs no one was behind me and all of a sudden I remember getting chills then feeling a faint hand on my shoulder before I got basically pushed down the stairs, I was alright a few cuts and bruises nothing serious but I still remember the feeling of the invisible hand on my shoulder, it haunts me.



When my mum was heavily pregnant, she used to sit in front of the fire in the den with the dogs at her feet. One night, both dogs jerked awake and proceeded to watch someone climb the spiral staircase, but nobody was there. She’s pretty sure it was her mum, checking that our bedroom (twins, yay) was ready for us coming, because the dogs were calm and she said she just felt this really reassuring presence.

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When i was a kid (around 6) i lived in a very arid area, and a wide field of red dirt was between my house and my bud’s. Every day, walking over there, when I got about halfway across, I’d pick up a dirt clod or a small rock, and toss it behind me over my shoulder. About 10 seconds later, it would come flying back over my head and land in front of me. I’d just grin and keep walking.

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When I was 4 or 5, our family lived in a big old century home with a long history. My parents got some photos from old municipal public records. In it was a photograph of some of the previous owners. I saw one of them while they were looking through them and asked how they had photos of my imaginary friend. I was able to not only recite his actual name, but the names of the of the other inhabitants in the photos.



When I was 22, I visited my Grandma in her retirement home at Christmas. She was well, nothing out of the ordinary. A few days later I travelled to my then-boyfriend across the country. Two days after New Year’s I woke up at 2 am crying. And I just couldn’t stop. I wasn’t really sad or overly emotional, but the tears just kept streaming down my face. Nothing like that ever happened and I was kind of confused, as was my bf. I fell back asleep a few hours later. Three days later I was informed that my Grandma had died that night at about 2 am.



In high school, I was getting peer pressured into doing something I didn’t want to do, and would’ve gotten in a lot of trouble had a teacher come by, but I felt I didn’t have a choice. I distinctly remember asking in my head ‘if I have a guardian angel right now, please f—king pull the fire alarm or something’ I kid you not at that exact second, the fire alarm went off. (This NEVER happened at this school. It was so unlikely, I didn’t expect it to actually happen. Nearly shit my pants.)

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There’s a story from when I was ~4-5 years old, my grandmother was looking through old family photos and asking me who the people were. We got to a picture of my grandfather, and she asked me who he was, and I said, “Pop poppy Jim!”. He died suddenly at home when my mother was 10, in the same house we lived in, so I never met him. She asked me how I knew that, I told her, “oh he comes and tucks me in and tells me he loves me sometimes after you go to bed.”

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I was out with my parents, and it was late coming back home. At around 2:30am we were at a traffic signal, a homeless guy comes and knocks on the window of the seat where my mother was sitting. As she rolled down the window to give him money, he said “check what is happening at your brothers house” he proceeded to take the money and walked away.

Probably thinking that he was a bit crazy in the head, we didnt bother and went home. Next morning mom gets a call from her brother’s wife. He has had a heart attack. At 2:30am.



Me and my friend use to think we were amateur ghost hunters, one day we were hunting ghost in his house, which had been owned by several families over the years. It was me, him and his sister. We would take turns holding the camera and asking questions to the potential “spirits” in the room. As we rewatched the footage we noticed at one point none of us were holding the camera, we were all in the shot together and the camera wasnt placed or mounted but was capturing us as if someone else was holding it.



My mom and dad were co-dependent, and they liked it that way. They didn’t want other people (other than the kids). They were completely happy to be just wrapped up in each other. My dad died the day before his birthday in a hospice centre.

Afterwards, it was like he was still home. His touch lamp beside his recliner would go on by itself. The recliner would rock like someone was getting in it. And sometimes, my mom or my sister would hear my dad saying, “Honey, fix me a cold drink?” That was exactly how he’d ask my mom to fill up his massive mug with Sprite over ice.

My mother died less than a year and a half later. After my mother died, there was never another sign of either of them being there. They’ve been gone now for close to 14 years now.