Former Fancy Steakhouse Server Shares The Entitled Celebrities She Says Were Awful

@aalouette_ / TikTok

We have a story here today from TikToker Alouette, who worked in a nice steak restaurant in New Jersey. There, she served a number of famous folks… and they did not behave well.

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Alouette has several videos that have gone viral — including the one we’re talking about today. She answered a TikTok by Rosie, who called out celebs for terrible behavior when they visited her Miami location.

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Here’s Alouette’s tale:

aalouette_ / TikTok
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All right, so I used to work at a very upscale steakhouse in New Jersey, when we had the best view of New York. I saw everything between football players, [adult film] stars, rappers, singers, actors, whatever you f****n think of-I seen it.

She starts by saying that the Italian men who come in give great tips. The celebs? Not so much.

And I’ll just say right now, it’s the Italian men that come in with the pinky ring and the big chain, that’s going to give you the good tip. The celebrities are entitled as ***k. As fk.

Anybody that’s worked in service knows that it’s probably the worst thing in the f***g world when someone shows up in the last 10 minutes, and that’s all they ever f***g did.

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She then recounts one tale in which someone asked for a huge table …ten minutes from close.

So this one time someone calls me and they’re like, “Hi, can I have a table for seven?” And I’m like, “Okay, sure, no problem, but I just need to let you know that we close in 10 minutes.” Shorty was like, “Okay, what does that mean?” “That means you got 10 minutes to get here, girl.”

She proceeds to go “But it’s somebody’s really important” And I just kind of sat there in silence, like, I don’t really care. Whatever, the manager let them in, because you already know how that goes if you know how that goes.

The manager let the group in and Alouette sat them in the lounge, not the dining room, as, I guess, petty revenge?

So manager let them in, no problem. And so I sat them in the motherfg lounge by the bar instead of the fg dining room because they didn’t deserve that. Granted, not all famous people are rude but the majority of the athletes are very f*g entitled.

aalouette_ / TikTok
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Another time, she says, a NY Giants player tipped all of two bucks.

This one other athlete and his whole entire family would come every motherfg holiday and tip us $2. Two dollars? B*ch, $2? Like, is you not making money with the New York Giants?

Another time, a rapper was furious at a fellow server for leaving his phone charging.

This one rapper literally ripped my *****g friend because she left his phone charging and she was closing. She was there at 12 o’clock. The restaurant closes at like 10:30. She was ready to go. He flipped a s*, like, “Someone could have stolen my phone.”

Bro, you’re the last one in here. Your phone’s locked in the drawer. Like why are you bugging right now? Maybe if you came here on time with your phone charged that wouldn’t have been a f*g problem.

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And here’s the truth of it all:

[Adult film] Stars? They tip nice, because they’re hard workers. Business owners? They tip nice, because they’re hard workers. Now don’t get me wrong rappers, athletes, whatever, celebrities, they’re hard workers too. But they forget They forget what it is to actually work hard, I feel like I don’t know.

She says she’s jaded about the whole notion of “celebrities”

I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy. Working there has definitely numbed me to the idea of fangirling or caring about any motherfg celebrity. Nicest celebrity I ever met was Jhené Aiko, she was so fg sweet. Such a sweetheart, oh my f**g god. I’ll never forget that experience.

But the sports players…

But any motherf*g football player or basketball player? I don’t like y’all. I don’t like y’all. I don’t care about y’all. And that’s why I left you with the roaches.

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Replying to @livelauflauv if yall guess the right name i will reveal who they were 😭😂

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Written by Kate Hackett

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