Stalker Caught Breaking Into Girl’s Apartment As She Was Filming A TikTok Video

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A young woman experienced a terrifying ordeal when her “stalker” crept into her apartment by way of a second-floor balcony. And she just happened to have caught the whole thing on video.

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Hannah Viverette, of Hagerstown, Maryland, was in the middle of recording a dance routine to the Bishop Briggs song “River,” home alone, just before 10:30 p.m., when she heard her balcony door begin to open. “Startled, I immediately moved towards the door to close it, only to realize there was a man behind the force,” she later recounted in a since-deleted Facebook post.

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In the video posted to TikTok, Viverette—who was clearly in a state of shock—repeatedly asked the man who he was, and to get out of her apartment, before grabbing her phone and running out of her apartment. She quickly found a neighbor to let in her and proceeded to call 911.

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As it turned out, the man was not a complete stranger, but someone who lives in the same apartment complex, and has made Viverette feel uncomfortable in the past.

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“A man that has made a point to watch me and make many uncomfortable advances at me from a distance, for months now,” Viverette wrote in the post. “I knew he was there to harm me. He kept his hands in the pockets of his hoodie with a smirk on his face.”

“This cannot be the first attempt he’s ever made to act on stalker behavior,” she added. “If anyone knows ANYTHING about this man or have ever felt/been uncomfortable/harassed, assaulted in ANY way by him, PLEASE SPEAK UP!! I refuse to live in fear and I refuse to let him continue doing this to me or ANYONE.”

Police soon arrived and arrested the man, 36-year-old Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez, but he was later released on bail. Rodriguez-Gomez admitted to climbing up Viverette’s balcony but claimed to officers that he had been invited up.

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According to, Rodriguez-Gomez “faces charges of third- and fourth-degree burglary, second-degree assault, stalking and malicious destruction of property.” But in the meantime, Viverette is trying to find someplace else to live as she no longer feels safe in her apartment with her stalker on the loose.

A GoFundMe account has since been set up to help Viverette get out of her lease and afford a new apartment.

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“Hannah Viverette was stalked and had her home broken into while she was there, as the recording shows on her TikTok @hrviverette,” The suspect is currently out on bail. She needs to break her lease at the apartment complex where her intruder remains, establish a new apartment, and move her belongings.”

She has since raised $2,875 of her $3,500 goal. In an update, the listing adds that her landlord has permitted her to break her lease, but it’s still a matter of getting her things and finding a new place.

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In either case, thank goodness she was awake at the time of the incident and not sleeping, as this could have had a much more horrifying ending. Good luck to her in finding a new place—this time, hopefully sans stalkers.