Women Share The Small, Weird Things That Absolutely Turn Them Off

We’ve all got quirks when it comes to dating. A person can seem great, but if they break the arbitrary rules we set in our mind, it’s a no.

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On Reddit, women are sharing the “weird” things that make them run for the hills.

And they’re truly not weird at all.

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Like, if you were out to dinner with a date and they refused to tip the server fairly, you’d hopefully question them. Or maybe you just can’t deal with a date who spends too much time on their hair. Either way, it’s your prerogative to run for those hills.

1. Not Returning Shopping Carts

“If he doesn’t return shopping carts after shopping.” — Comfortable-Deer565

2. Too Many Friends

“Having a large friend group.” — Luwe95

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3. Picky Eater

“Being a picky eater. If they can’t even bear to try something new or revisit something the didn’t think they liked as a child…it’s a no from me.” — debs1516

4. Speaking Badly About Exes

“When people speak very badly about their exes. Everyone seems to have dated a narcissist and a master manipulator. The reality is both of those are actually very rare scientifically speaking. I don’t deny that people have had bad experiences. But sometimes I think people lack some element of self-awareness in many situations.” — Secret_Preparation99

5. Empaths

“Describes themselves as an ’empath.'” — not-done

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6. Happy Hour

“Getting/needing a beer or a drink after work or school consistently. I understand an occasional drink with a friend, a celebration or a special occasion, but happy hour after work every day or whatever isn’t a thing for me.” — Dazedandconfused_mo

7. Too Spiritual

“Men who are overly spiritual. I’ve nothing against being spiritual, but 9/10 guys I’ve met who are spiritual, are predators and/or batsh*t crazy.” — MadamMadLove

8. Bad Tippers

“Men who are bad tippers at restaurants. Also gamers, I’m not into that and it seems immature to me.” — CountryDaisyCutter

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9. Follows Too Many Girls On Instagram

“If he follows tons of girls on Instagram who post almost nude. Nope.” — unforgiven1171

10. Too Military

“I knew a guy who was super into the military, partially because his father was retired military. That’s all he would talk about, how he was going to school to become a colonel (I can’t really remember it’s been a few years), and what he was planning to do while he was living his dream. Kudos to him and his willingness to fight for the U.S but you just could not talk to him about anything else. He was very handsome and a super sweet guy and I am very sure he’ll find a wife someday but oof conversation was tough. Military guys are a no.” — inconsistentbagel

11. Trucks

“If they own a truck.” — greeli3001

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12. Too Into Politics

“Anyone super into politics on either side of the spectrum. The truth is somewhere in between and for anyone to know so certainly that they’re right above anyone else is well…probably wrong.” — addvalue2222

13. Talks About Sex Too Much

“Sexuality as a personality. I don’t care who you want to sleep with, but please don’t remind me every 5 seconds.” — Normal-Bicycle

14. Sarcasm

“‘Sarcastic’ men trying to be witty…but really just condescending, patronizing, arrogant, and belittling.” — Need_to_know2

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15. Edgy

“Really liking edgy memes. Like I mean I love edgy sh*t, and edgy memes. But so many guys aren’t just into the weird void core and a few messed up things. So many times it’s just ended up they’re racist asf.” — serbbs

16. Older Entrepreneurs

“Any guy who wants to be an entrepreneur in my age group. My dude if you’re in your late 40s and think your answer to not succeeding at your day job is being your own boss…I don’t know what to tell you.” — flyingcatpotato

17. Hair Styles

“Wearing some hair styles that make it seem like he spends lots of time perfecting it, especially if he does this on a daily basis. Not a dealbreaker though.” — DumbLittleDumpling

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18. Spicy Food

“They don’t like spicy food.” — SluttySub26

19. Soccer Players

“If they play soccer I run. I’ve only had bad experiences with them so now as soon as I find out they play that sport I’m going as far away as possible.” — Ukiyerii

20. Use Big Words

“When they use big words when a simpler one would suffice, and worse yet when they use it incorrectly. I love a good crossword but no need to whip out antidisestablishmentarianism in casual convo! Obviously you’re just using it to flex, and it never seems natural, which just makes me cringe.” — mizbrightside

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