‘Siren Gaze’—Gen-Z Influencers Mocked For Inventing Smiling

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A new TikTok craze has taken off among “influencers” of Generation Z, claiming that a specific look used by women can “hypnotize” or generally entice men. Some of these TikTok users have suggested that various celebrity women have utilized what they’re calling the “Siren Gaze,” including Marilyn Monroe and Alexa Demie. Others have gone so far as to say that the technique taps into a dark feminine power reaching back to Lilith, the Biblical figure said to be Adam’s first wife who wasn’t obedient enough.

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The “Siren Gaze,” as at least one influencer put it, involves raising one’s eyebrows while slightly narrowing the eyes and giving a small smile with a slightly open mouth, “mimicking an expression of pleasure.”

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Many commenters, however, have the same semi-serious question on their minds: Isn’t that just smiling?

TikToker practicing siren gaze
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“You can seduce anyone by using the Siren Gaze,” writes one TikTok account dedicated to the concept. “It triggers a part in the brain that makes a man think of pleasure. He won’t even know why he feels the pull to you.”

It doesn’t appear that there is any real scientific basis for this theory, much in the same manner of the so-called “pickup artist” men claim things about women’s brains that are based on absolutely nothing. Regardless, the idea seems to be taking off in some TikTok circles, undaunted by the skepticism and jokes from other users.

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The precise definition of the Siren Gaze is also elusive, with some giving examples or instructions that don’t involve smiling, or an open mouth, or much eyebrow movement, and sometimes just looks like a blank stare from a woman already considered conventionally attractive.

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Some of the videos talk about mysterious male “pleasure points” and even suggest that you can psychically communicate with men using this look, sending them naughty thoughts to increase the effect.

Many claim that women can use this technique to get men to do whatever they want. It’s unclear whether the Siren Gaze is effective on women or people of other genders.


The Siren Gaze: the key to obsession on the page 🌹

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Some have compared this technique to the concept of the “smize,” which is simply the act of smiling with one’s eyes, with or without the help of the mouth, as defined by supermodel Tyra Banks.

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The eyes do typically play a large role in the act of smiling, and lack of change in the eyes while the mouth smiles is often taken as an indication that the expression is not one of genuine happiness.

Others have suggested that the secret is not some very specific tightening of certain facial muscles, but rather merely the luck of being born with the traits that society currently considers to be attractive. Either that, or they’re rich enough to pay for makeup artists, nutritionists, skincare experts, personal trainers, and everything else that wealthy women use to make themselves look a certain way that other rich people call “beautiful.”

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“Or are these women just extremely beautiful?” asked one Tiktok user.

Meanwhile, East Asian women are speaking up about how Western beauty standards have long told them that their naturally narrow eyes are unattractive, and this new trend is rather baffling, if not infuriating.


no one ever shamed me for it, I just thought I looked ded #sirengaze

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“People always say I look tired,” said one commenter who has natural eyes like this. “ONE TEACHER SAID I ALWAYS LOOKED HIGH.”