Swinger On TikTok Claims She Lets Her Husband Sleep With Her Mother, Goes Viral

Open relationships and polyamory have existed just about forever, but they’ve become something talked about more frequently in American society in recent years. We’re becoming more open to the idea that strict monogamy may not be what works best for everyone, and having sexual experiences with people other than your partner, in a consensual and ethical scenario, might be a positive thing for some.

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But there are limits.

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One TikTok swinger is pushing that line after claiming that she and her husband aren’t just swingers — she lets him sleep with her mother.

“Me and my mom are both swingers,” @madibrooks567 says in a recent video. “And it’s great. You know why? Because when I’m not in the mood, I can just let my husband have her. Yeah. I’m that kind of wife.”

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Madi has been forthright about the openness of her relationship on her page, which boasts over 166,000 followers, but this particular arrangement isn’t sitting well with people at all.

“What in the Walmart great value mess is this?” asked @gartman4.

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“Omg I just threw up my entire soul,” wrote @armywifelife85.

One viewer chided that “This is NOT a flex,” while another suggested that “this is childhood trauma not swinging.”

This is hardly the first time Madi has posted a video to this effect.

The very first video on her page features her husband giving both her and her mother a kiss. Another one has a “reveal” similar to the recently viral video, and yet another features her telling viewers she also lets her husband sleep with her little sister.

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The stiltedness and shock value of the videos have some hoping this is all just a weird hoax to try to go viral — and the fact that some of Madi’s videos use a different man implied to be her husband lend credibility to that theory. 

Regardless, the page is set up to look like this is all how Madi’s real life plays out, making swingers look deranged in the process.

And if you’re going to go viral for anything, trying to make that happen with videos of swapping partners with your mother is one hell of a choice.