Women Share Their Simplest Life Hacks And They’ll Work For Anyone (20 Hacks)

simple life hacks
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Simple life hacks should have no gender, but a surprising number of the ones coming from r/AskWomen involve using menstrual products for unexpected purposes. That’s just a warning for what’s about to come—very useful tips that you may never be able to bring yourself to use.

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The first round was cultivated by Redditor u/tinykittymama, who asked, “What’s your simplest lifehack?”

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The other was by someone who has since deleted their account, but they gifted us with responses from the question, “Lifehack that is something small that has made a big difference you that you would like to share?”

The replies to both are extremely useful if you suddenly want to optimize your life the way women think you should. And let’s face it, they’re probably right. All genders, take note:


If you drop an earring or earring back while leaning over a sink, just put your hand over the drain as quickly as possible, don’t try to catch the item. It’s easier to cover the hole than it is to try and catch a tiny bouncy earring. —dalovely

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If it only takes 5 minutes, do it now instead of later —alybarbara


Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to get any stain out of clothing or carpet, including blood. —HiddenWings42


By yourself a home chapstick, work chapstick, car chapstick, purse chapstick, and gym bag chapstick. Seems excessive but you use them all the way up because they never get lost. —polar_scout

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Wear sunscreen on your face every day! —princessbubble-gum


To make sure I don’t forget anything for the gym (socks, underwear, sports bra, shirt, bottoms) during folding laundry, I place all the items on top of the pants and then roll them up like a swiss roll. I have a whole drawer of just rolled up workout outfits that allow me to just grab and toss into my gym bag with my shoes. —mediumraring


I do 10 of some sort of exercise every time I stand up at home. Usually squats or burpees, without really even trying I can do a few hundred a day and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my body. —faymouglie

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Best one I’ve heard for saving money (when wanting to buy luxury things) … Ask yourself if someone approached you with the item you want and the cash to buy the item. Would you take the cash or the item? If you’d take the cash, you probably shouldn’t buy the item. Turns out I’d rather have a t shirt with Homer falling on a rubbish bin on the pocket than forty dollars. I regret nothing. —Kirstitties


I do as much as I can at night so that my mornings go smoother and I don’t have to worry about rushing. Shower, set out clothes, get bag and purse together, make my breakfast shake, make my lunch, etc. It saves time and stress. —erkala21


If you are up past your bed time, ask yourself if this thing would be worth getting up early for. If it’s not, go to bed. If it is, set your alarm, then go to bed. —T-Flexercise

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Half a panty liner stuck inside your shirt to absorb pit sweat. —naturallightshine


If you’re unemployed/ working at home/ studying – get dressed and showered! It helps with your mindset and productivity a lot, IME. Also, drink plenty of water —abqkat


Use an old toothbrush when cleaning corners/creases/grout. And once a month, get down on all fours and hand wash your hard floors. Mops and brooms and robots can’t get into the corners well. So the extra effort is like a facelift for your home.

It’s amazing to see how much better a house looks after a slightly more detailed cleaning. —Moritani

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If your hair is dirty but don’t have time to wash it and don’t use dry shampoo. Just section off the hair at the very front to the middle of the head and wash in the sink, blow dry and ta-da the top of the hair looks clean and fresh while it hides the oily messy underneath —courtney_vibes


No longer thinking “I don’t have the motivation to do that right now” but instead thinking “It is a matter of discipline and my will is strong enough”. —mindputtee


Do small things with your non-dominant hand to become even slightly ambidextrous. Brush your teeth, pour a drink, use utensils, use your computer mouse, brush your hair, ect. I did this for a while and worked up to being able to write legibly with my left hand! Now I use both hands equally and it’s kind of cool. —perfectdrug659

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If you want to squeeze Juice out of lemons, roll the lemon on the table before cutting into it until it becomes soft. This allows the cells to break and Juice to come out more easily. And then stab a small hole in the lemon and squeeze the first Juice out that way. If you half the lemon right away, some of the Juice will go to waste by getting on the cutting board. —ilikecakemor


Going to bed at 8:30 and rising at 5:15. As a lifelong night owl, I can’t believe how this shift has brought me such a settled feeling, like I’m in step with life’s rhythm. It also helps that I introduced this shift to accommodate working out at 5:45, which has also done wonders for me. —seeingbeing


I park close to the shopping cart return at the grocery store so that I don’t have that, “should I? shouldn’t I? Do I have to?” conversation in my brain everytime.

I like to weigh risk vs reward on my decisions, like, the risk of getting hit by a car is worse than the 2 seconds I’ll save dodging across the street so this reward isn’t worth the risk. Additionally, a friend told me before she walks into a situation her kids made she thinks, “was this worth it?” And then when she sees the play room covered in tissues, she thinks the 5 minutes they were busy doing this freed her up to wash the dishes and was in fact worth it. It helps her manage her reactions/anger and I’ve found it helps me immensely! I’m sure it’s helpful to people without kids as well. —dogsordiamonds

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If you want to save a bit of money by sneaking a hip flask into a gig where the drinks are super expensive, just put it at the bottom of your bag and cover it in sanitary towels. Works most of the time. —CocoPopsForBreakfast