Ryan Reynolds Trolls Nick Cannon’s Announcement That He’s Having His 11th Kid

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Nick Cannon recently announced that he is expecting his 11th child with model Alyssa Scott and Ryan Reynolds delivered the most *chef kiss* response to the news.

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Reynolds has three kids and is expecting a fourth with actress Blake Lively. They are parents to James, age 7; Inez, 6; and Betty, 3. He has said that he is “kind of hoping” their fourth child together will be a girl, but they “never find out before”.

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Ryan Reynolds / YouTube

The desire, he explains, just comes from having experience with raising girls. Savannah Guthrie called him “the ultimate girl dad” and Ryan enthusiastically said “Yes” to the title.

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Ryan tweeted his reply to the news of Cannon’s 11th:

“We’re gonna need a bigger bottle,” joked the actor.

@vancityreynolds / Twitter
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The zinger seems to be a reference to an advertisement that Reynolds and Cannon worked together on for Father’s Day.

The ad features Cannon mixing together a “Vasectomy” cocktail with Reynold’s Aviation Gin company.

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He pours a TON of gin into his drink then Reynolds grabs it and takes a swig.

“I’ll take it from here, Nick. I have three kids,” said Reynolds. Then Cannon laid down his cards:

“I have eight,” he said, which caused Ryan to do a spit take.

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The news about the eleventh baby (model Alyssa Scott’s second) came on Thursday. She called the news “a miracle and a blessing”.

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In 2021, the pair welcomed a son, Zen. He tragically died just five months later from brain cancer.

On Twitter, fans responded to Ryan’s joke with laughter. One person wrote, “RYAN LMAO” and another put a series of laughing emojis.

“Unreal! He will be able to field an entire team on the pitch!” said someone else.

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On the YouTube video for Cannon’s commercial with Reynolds, someone said what we all feel:

“Nick has turned himself from the butt of the joke to someone laughing along with the joke. I love it when celebrities can poke fun of themselves.”

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