Guy Trolls Family By Putting His Raunchy Tweet Beside Sister’s Report Card On Fridge

When you were little, did your parents put your report card on the refrigerator? Well, if it was an acceptable report card, of course. Well, why stop there? Our achievements don’t end after the report cards do!

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Twitter user @carterhambley decided that he was going to create a report card to rival his sister’s and put it up on the refrigerator for all to admire.

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So what was his achievement? A tweet about Hannibal Lecter.

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Next to his sister’s list of classes she’s taking and grades she’s received (great job in Math!), he taped a tweet that read: “if hannibal lecter was eating my ass i’d be like check please!”

His dad was not happy. “Please take that down before your mother sees,” he texted his son.

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“Say you’re proud of me and I’ll take it down,” responded the approval-starved son.

One Twitter user brought up the fact that important, approval-related information was missing from the tweet:

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I mean, did it even go viral? How are your parents supposed to love you if it didn’t go viral?

Well, the Dad had a response that was barely visible in the screenshot, but Twitter users saw it: “No.”

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Ouch. Keep trying, @carterhambley!

Featured Image: Twitter