18 People Share Regrettable “It’s Not A Phase, Mom” Things That Totally Turned Out To Be A Phase

As adults, we tend to understand more what constitutes a mere phase that we’re going through, rather than a new direction our life is heading in.

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But as children and teenagers, every new obsession feels like life or death. Being an Avril Lavigne knock-off despite having no ability to stay on a skateboard for more than two seconds is just WHO I AM NOW, MOM.

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Looking back on those phases—and they were phases, all of them—is mostly humorous at this point, but if we’re being honest, some of them are downright embarrassing.

Redditors are owning up to the “most regrettable” phases they were convinced were an intrinsic part of their personality and future and the cringe-worthiness of it all is far, far too familiar.


I used to button the top buttons of polo shirts.

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I… had a Jedi braid when I was younger.



Just the standard: “I don’t NEED to go to school, MUM. I’m in a BAND!”



Trenchcoat phase after I saw the matrix. Turns out a goofy fucking 13 year old doesn’t look or feel as badass in one as Neo does.

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I had a posh phase once. Spoke in a terrible british accent, put my pinky out while drinking tea, said pardon a lot. My brother told me to stop so i did.

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There was a time in my younger days when i was obsessed with death. I wanted to be a hitman. I had convinced myself that i was gonna be an assassin.



My cat-ear phase. I wore cat ears every single day. Everywhere. I had like 20 pairs of them. Now everyone thinks I’m a furry.



I made up a girlfriend named Sarah that died of cancer and told everyone how I was depressed and wanted to kill myself. I was 8.

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Being a tattooer. Regrettable because of those poor people who have my awful doodles on their bodies.

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I wore a top hat with an anime pin on it for around a year. Met one of my current best friends while wearing it, idk how he could bear to speak to me after that.



Dancing to one direction and thinking I’d be in the background of their music video lmao. I actually said that this is going to be my career.

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Wanted to be a wrestler, would put on shows on my trampoline and had a magazine too, never made it to mania.



Ugh. My tramp stamp. Thought it made me look so hot and flirty. Now I’m a professor and always have to wear high-waisted pants so none of my students ever see it.

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I was obsessed with “The Craft” in junior high and was convinced that I was a witch. I basically just drew pentagrams all over my school work and wore a lot of rings on my fingers. That’s it.



There was a time when I believed that I wanted to enter seminary and study for the priesthood. Mom said, “It’s a passing fancy. You lead an intensely secular life and are only flirting with the idea because you enjoy time spent at church playing your organ as a lay person.”

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I went through a weird phase as a child where I almost exclusively watched The Weather Channel for a couple of years…My mom would get angry at me for doing this. She even took me to see a child psychiatrist, who decided there was nothing wrong with me– I was just strange.



My friend and I decided we were going to open a bar in Jamaica with exotic snakes in glass cages in the walls at each booth. We convinced ourselves it would be amazing for at least 2 years in college. It was going to be called Fredro’s.

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I was VERY into The Transformers when I was a wee lad in the 1980s. One day, I decided to change my name to the name of my favorite Autobot. My name was lame, and I wanted an awesome Transformer name. And I was VERY insistent that my parents only call me by my new name. Calling me by my ‘old’ name would cause a big fat tantrum on my part. So for the better part of a week, my poor parents had to call me Wheeljack.