14 Millennials And Gen Xers Share Their Good And Bad Thoughts About Gen Z

It’s hard to believe that members of Gen Z are graduating high school, going to college, and entering the workforce. Sure, some of them are still in elementary school, but the eldest of the generation aren’t kids anymore.

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And now that they’re becoming fully developed people, older generations are starting to have some pretty strong opinions on them. The generational divide has always run in predictable cycles, with previous gens blaming new ones for everything wrong in the world (see: every article about millennials “ruining” things ever) without turning a critical eye inward (see: the economic problems boomers created that actually ruined everything for the rest of us). 

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Will that continue with Gen Z? Or will millennials and Gen Xers, fed up with being boomers’ punching bags for decades, finally change things up? 

Ultimately, it’s too soon to tell, but one Redditor decided to get the temperature of where things are going by asking what people think of up-and-coming zoomers so far.

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Gen z makes me worried. We’ve run out of letters.



Gen X here and I absolutely love Gen Z, so smart and well informed and they have an awareness of privilege.



I think I’m sick of the generation wars creating even MORE division in the world. I hope Gen Z can help us fix everything we’ve fucked up.

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Gen Z here. I hate my own generation. We’re the ones who thought eating tide pods were a good idea.

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10 years ago it was us millennials who were seen as spoilt, lazy, had weird fashion, excessively liberal, and had no understanding of the ‘real world’ which is….almost exactly what I see Gen Z being criticised for now.



The world is changing so rapidly and so many of them are managing to stay empathetic and create support systems for each other is amazing to see. I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the future.

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Gen xy (78), LOVED Millenials, feel kind of bad for genz, but also less able to relate to them than y. They seem pretty decent, more like I feel bad for them while thinking they’re doing their best.



They have better delayed gratification than myself and other fellow Millennials, somehow. Fuck a 1 minute and 28 second Tik Tok. I want my 6 second Vines back.

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It’s probably an unpopular opinion and probably because of the younger ones of my generation (millennial) I think some of them can be too sensitive sometimes.

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As an older millennial, Gen Z is gonna do great. I love my gen Z coworkers, they’re so smart, kind, funny, and ambitious. I can’t wait until they get old enough to start moving into leadership positions and into government.



I’m a millennial and I think Gen Z looks to be more risk-averse and tech-savvy. They know nothing about the world pre-internet. Other than that I hope they don’t fall behind academically because of Covid.



They’re so advanced socially and technologically that they have the potential to be the smartest generation ever. On the other hand, some of their trends and quirks are asinine, making you think that they may be the dumbest generation ever.

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As a Gen Z myself, I don’t like judging people by what year they were born in but I notice a recurring problem among my generation; some of us have this “Gen Z savior complex” that we’re gonna be the generation who saves the world. Some Gen Zs refuse to acknowledge the activists of previous generations and just group them as “karens” and “boomers.”

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They are like any other generation. A quote in one of my [psych] textbooks said “If you’re worried about what’s to become of the next generation they are going to grow up and start worrying about the next generation.”