19 Women Who Got Rid Of Their Razors And Love Living The Natural Life

u/ginger_knickers / u/EmeraldAddams / Reddit

Fun fact, fellas: women have hair all over their bodies.

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Just a biological thing we have! Like you do!

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Article over!

No – okay – so, women have hair (some of it fine and nearly invisible, some of it not) and for many, many years, the social norm has been to shave a lot of it off. Legs, armpits, and vaginal hair have all gone under the razor and women who choose not to shave have been subjected to a lot of negative, disgusting stereotypes.

It’s a choice, a personal choice, and anyone who says otherwise sucks. These 19 women decided: f this and tossed their razors. Good for them!

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1. “Razor free since 7/2020… so free.”


2. “Don’t be normal, be you!”

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3. “The hairy life is better.”

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4. “I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this dress outside.”


5. “Happy and hairy! I kept all the things I enjoyed about being a “girly girl” (makeup, high heels, manicures) and ditched the things I didn’t.”

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6. “I just want to say for any women/enbies dealing with rude comments and looks from strangers about their body hair: try not to worry about them; they’re showing their OWN insecurity & lack of knowledge— not yours!”

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7. “Spring outfits and fuzzy armpits.”


8. “Gotten to a point where I completely forget that having armpit hair is uncommon.”

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9. “For a long time, I was embarrassed to wear short sleeves on the street.”

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10. “Haven’t shaved in over 2 years, and I don’t think I’ll ever shave again.”


11. Pride

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12. Hit the road

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13. Feeling it

14. Dresses

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15. Feeling pretty

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16. Natural

17. Made the change

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18. Summer

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19. Nature feels best

Written by Kate Hackett

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