18 Pandemic Habits People Want To Keep Around Forever

pandemic habits
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With COVID numbers slowly dwindling, much of 2021 has had people thinking about the lives they’re ready to get back to. We’ve missed out on everything from birthdays to weddings, impromptu shopping trips and concerts, and just hanging out with friends indoors without needing a laundry list of everyone they’ve been in contact with for the two weeks prior.

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But the pandemic has also revealed a lot of what’s broken in society. People who used to spend an hour or more in traffic commuting to a 9 to 5 have realized how much more productive and happy they are when they have the option to work from home. Penalties for things like overdraft fees and parking infractions were temporarily lifted. Delivery options became more plentiful.

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The pandemic hasn’t been good, but it has opened people’s eyes to how much nonsense we were tolerating just because we never had the time to catch our breaths and think about how sometimes, we do things because we’re used to them, not because they’re what’s best for us.

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It’s hard to say what the world will look like when we do finally consider the pandemic to be over, but people on Reddit are starting to think about the things they don’t want to see change once it is. And there are some really good points to be made.


I still want “No Contact Delivery” to be an option.



Fake cough in public to hide the sound of passing gas.



If I’m ill I’m either working from home or calling in, no more of this powering through nonsense.

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accept people’s invitations just because they invite me, not because I actually want to see them.



Won’t necessarily say never, but bowling while eating finger foods seems like a really bad idea now.

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We’ll probably keep ordering most groceries via curbside pickup. It’s convenient, and we spend less on stupid crap we happen to walk past on the way to the milk aisle.



Standing ass to dicks in line, I love how everyone, at least in my area, just kept up with the social distancing when standing in line at the cashier.

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Commute to work 1.5 hours each way 5 days a week so I can sit in my office and write emails and talk on the phone.



Idk about a one thing, but I certainly am very careful about what I touch and the people I’m around. When I’m in public I try and stay spaced out and not touch anything if not necessary.

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I think the idea of powering through was taught to us in grade school. My school had an award for zero days missed. This manipulated us to be good boys and girls to always show up. Not anymore!



Work more than 40 hours a week. I used to put in 70 hours some weeks. While the money was good, I realized during the pandemic that I can survive with less and don’t need to work myself to death.

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Restaurants not doing carry out. My 2 favorite local places outright refused to do carry out until the pandemic hit. I really hope they dont end it. I love getting the food my wife and i enjoy but being able to go home and eat it without a bunch of randos around.

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As a teacher, have kids turn in physical copies of work. Every student has a laptop or chromebook now due to remote learning and it’s gonna stay that way, so everything is turned in digitally… It makes my life so much easier and it saves a ton of paper.



I’ll be avoiding big business, supermarkets, amazon, restaurant chains and multinationals. Dont know about you guys around the world but the way the little businesses were treated here in France is sickening, meanwhile Bezos et al get to swoop in and take everything. It stinks.



Having a non-stop out all day go, go, go schedule. I understand now why I was constantly feeling frustrated. I was completely burnt out and had no me time. Now I don’t make so many commitments to social events, work things, extra stuff and I can’t imagine ever stretching myself so thin again.

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I really REALLY love the accessibility of doing Doctor visits over the phone or Zoom… The quality of our care is IMPROVED because we aren’t going through panic/dissociating/fatiguing/overstimulating crap just to GET to the appointments and so we are able to advocate for ourselves so much better.

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Treat my job title like it’s my family name. Nah, I give you labor and you give me money, that’s the extent of our relationship and much like anyone trading time for money, others will pay me for my time. Not a chance I will ever again bleed, sweat or cry for a fucking employer. Never ever again.



My grocery store set up signs so there was one long (socially distanced) line that fed all the cashiers. When they tried to switch back to the old model of a separate line for each cashier, the whole neighborhood silently agreed that was not going to happen and we prefer the one line model. No more getting stuck behind someone with 70 coupons!