People Are Revealing Fetishes That Are More Popular Than They Thought

11. Underwear

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Worn Panties. Collecting, stealing, sniffing etc.

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12. Yuck

Incest if porn is anything to go by.


13. Vampires

Weirdly enough? Biting. Specifically neck biting

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14. MILF

Guys obsessions with MILFs. Had no idea how common that was – especially with millennials

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15. I’m confused

Consensual nonconsent Edit: lol some of you sending me messages acting like I made up with kink, like, I’m sorry it exists or something lol?


16. Stomachs

Belly and belly button fetish.

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17. Findom

To be short, it’s when a person looks for a partner to completely sponsor (send money, gifts, give complete control over his/her finances) and in return receives close to nothing (again depends on the relationship, but usually limited to non-intimate stuff). It baffles me how someone can sign up to this or even get off from that. I have 2 friends who’ve been offered such “services”. And it’s weird it happened twice only in my limited social circle.