People Are Revealing Fetishes That Are More Popular Than They Thought

popular fetishes

u/Ste3e took to Reddit’s AskReddit subreddit to inquire:

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“What fetish is more popular than you thought?”

A fetish is defined as a strong desire for something — and in this case, it generally means for sexual gratification. People can have all kinds of fetishes — feet, hands, porn… the list goes on and on. It’s really just anything that will turn someone on.

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So let’s have a look at some of the popular fetishes people never knew were so common…

1. Humiliation


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2. Body parts

Foot and hand fetishes, I find both odd but they’re actually really common for some reason. A lot more common than I thought.

popular fetishes
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3. MORE Body parts


And I didn’t see it coming the first time. I was just like “wtf are you doing now?”


4. Food — but not what you think.

Adults being breastfed.


5. Getting choked

I don’t know if it’s just the girls I’m into but I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like getting choked.

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popular fetishes

6. Pregnancy

If you’re going to hook up with someone may as well be with someone who’s already pregnant so you know the baby isn’t yours

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7. Size

Giantesses or guys wishing they were small. I’ve had guys ask if I mind them imagining if they lived in my shoes.

popular fetishes
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8. Manual?

Jerk off instructions


9. Animals

According to a guy who worked in a movie rental store when that was still a thing: beastiality.


10. Facesitting


My girlfriend popped a question one day like “All the girls in the dorm say their boyfriends want them to sit on their faces…is that a thing?”

Like oh f-ck yeah that’s a thing but I had no idea it was popular. I think all kinds of femdom things, gentle or otherwise are more popular than I thought.

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