Pete Davidson Changed His Instagram Bio Account And Fans Are Convinced He’s Shading Kanye West

Liam Goodner, DFree/Shutterstock, YouTube

Pete Davidson jumping back on Instagram in the midst of all the Kanye West drama had people wondering if things were going to escalate in the seemingly one-sided feud Ye keeps pushing, and now a slight change to the Saturday Night Live star’s bio might just be some subtle shade aimed in that direction.

West has been making headlines for weeks with his shocking outbursts — even for him — regarding Davidson’s coupling up with his ex, Kim Kardashian. He’s commanded fans to yell at “Skete” if they see him in the street, posted private text conversations allegedly with both Pete and Kim (which have only reflected poorly on Ye himself), and raged, raged, raged against both of them for everything from old SNL skits to Kim making TikToks with her and Kanye’s oldest daughter, North. 

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The rapper has even gone out of his way to try to stir up drama with people known to pal around with Pete and offered fellow SNL star Michael Che double his salary out of the blue if he were to quit the show just to get away from Pete (an offer he hilariously declined).

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All of this is allegedly in service of Kanye attempting to win Kim back, although calling it an attempt to harass and scare her into coming back to him sounds more accurate. Still, Kim has largely declined to respond to these attacks publicly, and Pete has ignored them entirely.

But although Davidson’s return to Instagram hasn’t prompted him to post any pics just yet, a small change in his bio recently caught the attention of those closing following Kanye’s outbursts.

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He added a link to Robert De Niro’s famous line in 1983’s The King of Comedy, in which he says, “Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.”

Fans are taking it as a subtle dig at Kanye, filling the comment section of the video with support for Pete and conversations about the ongoing situation between them all.

“Honestly, drama aside (well, drama from one side), this is how you handle situations,” one viewer wrote.

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“If a normal person was doing the things that Ye is doing, the woman wouldn’t have allowed him to be near her kids ever again and everybody would agree with her decision as well,” suggested another.

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Meanwhile, Kanye is temporarily too busy promoting his latest album and the only device that plays it, a $200 stem player that fans aren’t thrilled about. But he’ll undoubtedly find a new way to stir up drama any day now.