Pete Davidson Appears To Have Tattooed Initials Of Kanye And Kim’s Kids On His Neck

pete davidson kims kids tattoo
Asatur Yesayants, DFree/Shutterstock

Photos that have been circulating online of Kim K and Pete Davidson are sparking discussion after people noted what appears to be a new tattoo on Davidson’s neck representing Kardashian and West’s children.

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The photos, which seem to have been taken by paparazzi, first hit the internet on Sunday, May 1, and the couple is seen sitting in the back of a car in the middle of a conversation. 

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A zoom-in of the photo shows the letters “KNSCP” at the base of the comedian’s neck, which netizens have suggested are for Kim and her four children that she had with Kanye West: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

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This is just the latest of the Saturday Night Live comedian’s tattoos dedicated to his relationship with Kim Kardashian. He got a tattoo in March to represent his commitment to Kim on his collarbone that says, “My Girl Is a Lawyer,” and some posited that a tattoo of letters on his chest reads “KIM.”

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Kanye West has been uncharacteristically silent on social media since he was banned from posting on Instagram for 24 hours back in March due to hate speech

Before being suspended, he would regularly post and delete videos, photos, and messages bashing Davidson for dating Kim, writing in all-caps letters that many people felt read like shouting.

At the beginning of the year, West released lyrics for the new song “Eazy” in which he referenced beating Davidson, and in the track’s music video could be seen carrying around a disembodied head while a claymation version of him buried the SNL comedian alive. The clip ended with the message, “And they all lived happily ever after. Except for Skete.” West’s nickname for Davidson. “Skete” was crossed out and replaced with the words “You know who.”

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In Davidson’s return performance to stand-up comedy, he made reference to West’s beef with him.

The topics ranged from West claiming that Davidson had AIDS to his friend Jack Harlow working with West on Donda 2.