People Are Sharing Where They Draw The Line During Sex (20 Posts)

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Getting frisky can be a very open-minded activity, in addition to being good cardiovascular exercise. Lots of people learn new things from their partners, and everyone has a good time. That said, sometimes you’ve gotta draw a hard line about what you’re willing to accept and what you aren’t. So when Redditor u/YourFavDeafGuy recently asked,

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“What is something you will NOT tolerate during sex?”

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there were, unfortunately—or maybe fortunately?—people who had been inspired by previous experiences to give this some serious thought, and they had their answers ready to share. Read on for our twenty favorite takes.

1. Freudian address

“One time instead of calling me ‘daddy’ my ex called me ‘dad’ to fuck with me. I did not like it.”

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“Sorry Father for I have sinned”


2. Selfishness

“Selfishness. Only wanting pleasure but no interest in giving. I LIKE giving, but there are 2 of us here.”

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3. Lack of foreplay

“‘Wow you’re so wet!’ Josh, you spent 30 SECONDS rubbing my crotch from my over the top of my jeans. I can assure you, that’s just discharge.”


“Yeah, even with a quickie we usually tend to each other for a minute.”

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4. Ball biting

“Don’t bite my balls. The pain is like something is ripping me in half from inside out.

I had a girlfriend that had this genius idea while wanting to suck my balls and I thought I was gonna die. From feeling pleasure to MY SURVIVAL INSTINCTS KICKING SAYING I’M GOING TO DIE AT ANY MOMENT!

Now I stay wary if any girl tries to have her way with my balls. I think it is basically PTSD at this point.”


“‘Don’t bite my balls’
The fact that this has to be said has terrifying implications”

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5. “Surprise” backdoor stuff

“‘surprise’ anal. We can tell when it’s a genuine accident and when you’re trying to force your penis into our butthole”


“My friend worked security at an apartment complex and some guy walks up with a broken nose. Apparently, the guy thought it’d be smart to stick his finger in the ‘wronghole’ and she turned around and punch him for it. Good for her!”

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6. Eyeball licking



“When a tongue hits your eye,

and it feels like you might die

ow my sclera”

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7. Lack of hygiene

“Unclean anything in general. Hygiene is in the top 3 requirements right under consent and above protection/plan for pregnancy.

Edit: thanks for my first rewards and 1k+ likes ❤️‍🔥”


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8. Crossing a stated boundary

“Crossing a stated boundary — ANY boundary. If they’re willing to ignore the “small” ones, I don’t trust them to respect the big ones.”


9. Nonconstructive criticism

“Nonconstructive comments about my performance. I WANT TO IMPROVE, SHERYL, I DON’T NEED CRITICISM, I NEED ADVICE >.> “

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10. Oddly specific Disney character impressions

“Talking like Goofy and doing his laugh.”


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11. Being straight-up mean

“People making any negative comments about the way I’m enjoying myself, ‘haha your face looks funny when you cum’ ‘you moan too loud, it’s not porn’ etcetera. I can let myself go and enjoy fully without judgement towards myself or others, it would probably help you a lot if you’d learn that too.”


12. Sand

“Sand, no sand anywhere please.

Edit: lmao, highest voted comment ever for me. Good morning, Reddit.”

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13. Assault

“FYI for any guys considering this, it is considered a form of rape in a lot of places.

The terms of consent include a condom, removing it and re-entering is not something for which you have consent.

FYI for any women this happens to, rape charge those f**kheads.”


“Omg this JUST happened to me and IM A SEX WORKER! Like, I’m the LAST person one should f**k without a condom… I caught him and then went the next day to get tested but I fired the guy as my client after that. Sack of s**t. I hope his d**k falls off.”

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14. Saying f*cked-up sh*t that Ted Bundy would say

“Once had an ex who said he wanted to kill me and screw my body. Wasn’t with him for very long lmao.”


“Strong Ted Bundy vibes there. I’d personally probably keep tabs on this dude every so often after dating him because of reasons.”

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15. A partner who acts bored the whole time

“Lack of enthusiasm. I like it if someone wants to be there and is having fun. If I’m not doing something well, tell me. If you’d rather we stop, tell me. Want to do it differently? Hell yeah! Tell me. Tell me whats fun for you and I’m in!

If you’re thinking, you will just lay there for me to do all the work. That just a warm hole is all I want or all you have to offer. Yea, I’m gonna decline.


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16. No cuddles

“no cuddles after the shag 🙁 “


“After-care is critical!”


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17. Body shaming

“‘my ex is actually bigger,’ does that count ? Did not feel great


18. Being disgusting

“Going from @$$ to mouth/@$$ to p****.”

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19. A surprise guest list

“Them inviting someone else without my approval or knowledge.”


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20. Your partner mentioning their ex. Or your ex. Basically, anyone’s ex.

“‘Me and my ex used to do this’ NO

Never has been said in the bedroom and I’m thankful but my god if it got said I would kick my boyfriend out of bed”