Influencer Gets Caught Pretending She’s Flying Business Class When She’s In Coach

There’s no shame in flying economy! So many things happen. Your legs fall asleep, someone spills their tiny bottle of wine on you, a child kicks you in the back. It’s an adventure.

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When French influencer Oceane El Himer, 27, was caught actually flying economy after posing in business class, fans were not pleased.

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Oceane, who is a reality TV star in France, posed for her Instagram account in the business section of a plane going from Dubai to Monaco—and then peaced out to the economy section.

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A fan spotted her in economy and shared the photos on Twitter. In the Instagram picture and the Twitter picture, Oceane is wearing the same tracksuit, so it’s likely it’s the same flight.

“You know what…I respect it this is the equivalent of me taking a zoom meeting in my underwear nobody says you gotta have your s*** together…you just have to prove you have it just together enough to pretend like you do,” said a social media user in her defense.

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Oceane first found fame in the reality show Les Princes et les Princesses de l’Amour when she and her twin sister Marine competed for the love of the same man.

Oceane was not impressed by the criticism of her business class pose.

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She uploaded a new picture of herself on a new flight, drinking champagne and giving the middle finger. Apparently she’s now in business class.

“Cette fois ci promis j’ai paye,” she captioned the photo, which means: “I promise I paid this time.”

Featured Image: Instagram