Nursing Home Faces Backlash, Apologizes For Hiring Stripper To Dance For Residents

nursing home dancer

The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility for army veterans in Tawain, has found itself in a bit of hot water after hiring a stripper to dance for their elderly male residents.

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The retirement home hired the adult entertainer as part of a celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival and the Moon Festival, which according to China Highlights is “a celebration of the rice harvest and many fruits. Ceremonies are held both to give thanks for the harvest and to encourage the harvest-giving light to return again in the coming year.” The festival had been canceled due to the pandemic for the last couple of years.

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An attendee at the nursing home’s event recorded a brief 35-second video and posted it to Facebook. It shows a scantily-clad dancer straddling an elderly man in a wheelchair and bringing his hands up to grope her bra-covered chest.   

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The show was clearly a hit with the residents, who applauded and laughed with the dancer, and all involved wore face masks.

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The facility posted a public statement after the backlash from the post, saying, “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offense that was caused.” 

A spokesperson from the nursing home acknowledged that the adult performer’s dancing was “too enthusiastic and fiery,” and added that the nursing home would be “more cautious” in planning events for the residents in the future. They also mentioned that there were more typical events, such as bingo and karaoke, in a nearby nursing hall.

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The brief clip has been viewed well over 27k times and has been shared more than 8.8k times, with folks sharing mixed reactions to the video.

One person tagged a friend and wrote, “Let’s go live there when we’re old.”

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“Really! Why would they think that something like this would be appropriate for everyone in this audience?” said another commenter.

“This is stupid and ridiculous,” still a third person noted. “How about treating them well and with dignity, respect, and honor.” 

One commenter saw no need for the backlash on social media, stating, “God forbid these men get one last interaction with a scantily clad woman before their quickly approaching demise.”

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“Don’t know, Grandpa seems to be enjoying himself,” another commenter agreed. “It also seems that everyone else was clapping their hands. I say, let them enjoy themselves.”