Woman Makes Cheating Boyfriend Pay For Her Nose Job—Then He Cheated Again


A woman on TikTok claims she had her boyfriend buy her a nose job as “punishment” for cheating on her… and then he cheated again. I’m admittedly not sure what she thought was going to happen.

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TikToker @userg01728011 claims she told her boyfriend that she wouldn’t leave him after he cheated on her if he paid for her nose job. She also says that the guy created a lot of insecurities in her, so it was “fair” for him to pay.

@userg01728011 / TikTok
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(I hate these people).

Anyway, she also says she didn’t want to waste more time on the guy. (SO WHY ARE YOU ASKING HIM FOR MONEY I JUST—)

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“Yeah and he ended up cheating on me again,” the woman says in her video. And then she says that staying with him through the nose job was “worth it”!

@userg01728011 / TikTok

The video was a stitch from another TikToker, who had joked that they’d take money to make up for a cheating partner.

@userg01728011 / TikTok
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@userg01728011’s video has more than 2 million views and thousands of comments. A lot of people cheered for her.

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“Girl that is so smart,” one viewer wrote in. 

“Slay queen,” a second said. 

A third commented, “Lol period! Get that money girl!!!!”

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She’s far from alone in the “I milked my partner because they cheated” pool. Other viewers shared stories of their own.

“I Made him drop 6k on my lipo then dipped,” one person claimed. 

“Lmaoooo I did the same thing!!! I told him he owes me $2000 for his collateral damage he caused me,” a wishful user wrote in. 

“I asked for my rent to be paid until the lease was up when I got cheated on,” a third noted.

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Another person blocked him on every platform… except Venmo. “Ex cheated and I made him pay for an entirely new phone then blocked him on everything but venmo so for the longest time he sent $ to get in touch,” they said.

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