Model Slams Universal Studios For ‘Sexualizing’ Her After Denying Entry In Low-Cut Crop Top

Instagram model and influencer Whitney Paige Venable, 26, was denied entry into Universal Studios, as amusement park employees informed her that her crop top violated their dress code.
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The incident occurred during a visit last June.

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Because of the hot weather, Venable wore a sports bra top and a pair of high-waisted biker shorts to the park with her friends.

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At the park’s enterence, she said she felt targeted by the staff because of the size of her chest.

“I think it’s because I have naturally big breasts and it makes people uncomfortable but at far as I know my clothing wasn’t against the rules.

I feel like I was discriminated against because of the size of my breasts. I noticed other people staring and I felt really embarrassed. It was humiliating.”

– Whitney Paige Venable to Jam Press
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Venable became agitated watching other guests being welcomed into the park while wearing similar outfits to her. According to Universal Studios park policy: “Clothing that is deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be allowed into the parks.” Eventually, the model caved in and changed into a shirt that her friend happened to have in their car.

In an interview with Jam Press, the model shared that she later took off the “cover-up” shirt after spending some time in the park.

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“‘I ended up taking it off later on in the park because it was hot and ugly. And the fact I was judged really pissed me off. Smaller women can wear whatever they want – having big breasts however gets sexualized.”

– Whitney Paige Venable via Jam Press

This is not the first time that Venable’s looks has sparked controversy on the internet.

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Last year, Venable made headlines when she claimed that Twitter essentially had banned her for being “too hot.” Yes, really.

“I firmly believe Twitter deleted my account because I’m too hot and [that] jealous people who aren’t as attractive complained or said [that] I was promoting sexual activity.”

– Whitney Paige Venable via Jam Press

Aye, aye, aye!

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Let’s stop sexualizing every little thing, alright?