Woman Jokes About Creepy Dudes Who Stand Behind You In Line In Viral TikTok


This happens to me ON THE REG. I don’t usually run into too much male-on-Kate aggression; I joke that I have a face that screams go away, I will get you arrested. But guys seem incapable of understanding personal space when it comes to lines.

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A now-viral video from TikToker Moe, @westmomonet, captured the frustration of men crowding women in lines all too well.

@westmomonet / TikTok
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Moe commented through her video, which has nearly 800,000 views, about how creepy men stare when a woman is behind them in a line.

“The rumors are true. Women don’t have peripheral vision,” she captioned the TikTok. The text overlay reads, “Men when you’re behind them in line.”

@westmomonet / TikTok
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The video shows Moe acting as though she were in line at a gas station and the man in front of her whips around to stare at her.


the rumors are true. women don’t have peripheral vision #greenscreen #creepymen

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The comments were littered with similar experiences.

“Enragingly accurate,” one TikToker wrote.

“NO CAUSE WHY DO THEY DO THIS?! i was in 7-11 with MY BROTHER and this 35 year old dude just turns around and stares us down,” another shared.

“​​This happens to me from men AND women. Some folk are just…not cut out for public,” a third user commented.

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A few disagreed with the, admittedly hyperbolic, claim that Moe made — “it’s part of a man’s DNA” to stare at women.

@westmomonet / TikTok

“A guy can’t even stare at a pretty girl in peace without being called a creep,” one user joked. (I hope it was a joke.)

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“Never seen this ever wtf. now you just making things up,” another wrote in.

“Maybe…guy’s tend to stare at everything. It’s in our DNA, evolutionary we are meant to be on the look out,” a third user suggested. Moe clapped back at him and said, “find the part in your DNA to mind your own business.”

A follow-up video addressed one of the comments in the original TikTok.

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“I work at a gas station and never see this, but the weirdos are gonna let women in front of them, but not cuz they are [creepy],” the user commented.

Moe explained that people saying what she experienced never happened wasn’t cool (…though I’d argue her telling people they’ve never seen something they say they’ve never seen is, uh, the same). She also notes that she has worked at several gas stations and men can be just creepy in there.

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“Unless you’ve been afraid of going to work or a gas station or any public place alone, then your opinion means nothing to me,” she said.

Written by Kate Hackett

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