Men Who Hired Prostitutes Share What It Was Like (21 Stories)


Sex work is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession, and the industry is still thriving. As sex workers take advantage of technology and the internet to increase their visibility, more and more people are patronizing these services.

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In a recent Reddit thread, men who have hired prostitutes are sharing their stories.

The stories came in response to the question: “Have you ever hired a prostitute, why, and for what service?” The answers are interesting, entertaining, eye-opening, and definitely NSFW.

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That said, here are 20 stories from men who’ve hired prostitutes.

1. Fell in love

Sure have, Amsterdam 2018. 25 Euro and had to walk up 3 flights of stairs in a labyrinth of a building at the red-light district. She was gorgeous and I thought she would’ve charged hundreds, she ended up thinking I was cute (hence the low price) we ended up doing everything then talking afterwards for about 30 minutes. She was from Greece and man did I fall in love with the accent and the way she carried herself. Lol still think about her sometimes. Hopefully, she’s doing good for herself.

Why? Because my friends at the time dared me too. I’ll do anything if double-dog dared lol.


2. “This morning I pissed off the hooker that co-signed my car.” 

My coworker used to frequent some until the cops started to crack down on it. But, he said the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, “This morning I pissed off the hooker that co-signed my car.” Yup, she called the cops and got that car.

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3. Funfair!

Me and a friend hired some prostitutes in Amersterdam but we were too scared to do anything, so we just took them to the funfair.


4. Ditching the v-card

Sad sack late 20s guy tries to lose his V card with a pro, fails, depression overtakes him, and 20 years later is gearing up to try again.


5. “Once from Backpage…”

I was drunk, in a hotel, in an unknown city. Just wanted to smash. I was 22 and she was like 20. I could tell I was probably the first guy who ever donated to her, she was really nervous. Just had vanilla sex and made sure to put off non-serial killer vibes lol.

She ended up taking my number and texted me several times afterward trying to hook up again but I never did.

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6. Safety first

I wanted to know what it feels like to have sex with another woman, but when I tried it with a friend it didn’t really end well. After that, I wanted to try again with someone I can spend a pleasant afternoon with and then never have to see again.

That was the first time I went to a prostitute, I’ve since hired other ones for threesomes. There aren’t a lot of women who appreciate being approached by a couple for that kind of stuff, so it’s safer to pay someone who offers it as a service.


7. Wholesome content?

I would never buy a hooker for sex, just don’t have it in me to do that to someone. But as they are often more entertaining company than the regular bar patrons (depending on where you are in the world), I’ve sometimes ended up buying a girl dinner purely for the conversation.

So back to Tashkent, I sat down in the bar at this hotel and one of the girls came by and we started chit-chatting. Turns out she actually had a degree in history, and her fluent English and peaceful sobriety were a huge contrast to the idiot guide I’d just fired.

After talking for a bit, I struck a deal for a guided tour for myself and my buddies of some of Uzbekistan’s historical sites. We gave her a bunch of cash and she booked all of our tickets, hotels, etc.

So yeah, that’s how I hired my first and only hooker in my life.


8. That’s one way to do it

Hired one for my flatmate so he would stop trying to f–k my GF.

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9. She pretended to have fun

I really needed a cleric for my DND game. She didn’t know how to play but she was really good at role-playing and at least pretended to have fun.


10. Twice

I did twice, the first time to lose my virginity. I was 21, and in love with a friend of mine who had a boyfriend. I was miserable about that and insecure about being a virgin, so since prostitution is legal where I live I made a booking with one. She was twice my age, which honestly is my preference as I love older women, and was stunning, very much my type.

Certain that it could be better than that time I ended up booking someone else when I was staying in a hotel in another city – I had a couple of beers before she got there, and she was not only stunning but really friendly and funny, and it was the best kind of girlfriend experience. Felt very comfortable with her, we had very vanilla sex with a lot of kissing and cuddling in a way most people probably wouldn’t expect with an escort and was pleased with the experience. Still felt weird not to have feelings for her, but despite not being a deep or meaningful experience it was enjoyable.