81-Year-Old Martha Stewart Posted A Topless Thirst Trap On Instagram And The Replies Were Out Of Control

@marthastewart/Instagram via @itsjustttez/Twitter

Apparently this isn’t even the first time Stewart has used the ‘Gram for posting thirst traps.

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This week, the 81-year-old Martha Stewart (you read that right, it’s her) posted a video of her topless in an apron as a promo for Green Mountain coffee.

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The video went viral on Twitter – people saw it over 6 million times! People went nuts.

1. Only Fans??

BadBitchArnie / Twitter
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2. Halfway to porn

@regularjayC / Twitter
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3. Rub.

@itsjustttez / Twitter

4. Oh my.

@smackedhuncho / Twitter
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5. Soft.

@jessyflexxc / Reddit
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6. More OnlyFans

@cleansemode / Twitter

7. Smiles

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@jaracist / Twitter

8. Demon time

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9. People really want this?

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10. Snoop

Written by Kate Hackett

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