People Are Mad At Mariah Carey For Lip-Synching And Using A Teleprompter During Thanksgiving Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade / via Instagram

Singer Mariah Carey, aka The Queen Of Christmas, has been called out by fans when a video showed her using a teleprompter to remember the lyrics to her hit All I Want For Christmas went viral.

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Carey returned to the 96th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday and finished the show with her hit Christmas song. The song included a huge festive performance with dancers in matching outfits and her twins Moroccan and Monroe, both 11. The festival rings in the holiday season for the United States.

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But TikToker Sydney Barinas, who was at the parade, saw a giant screen out of view from the cameras but clearly in Carey’s line of sight.

The screen showed the lyrics as Carey sang.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade / via Instagram
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Barinas took it upon herself to post the “gotcha” moment because… I don’t know, the Christmas spirit missed this person.

“Yes, Mariah Carey is using a teleprompter for lyrics of her most famous song at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade,” she captioned the clip. It quickly went viral and boasts more than 5.6 million views.

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The video came out a day after Carey was accused to lip synching the Christmas tune.

Fans pointed out that Carey’s vocals sounded very similar to the recording on the 1994 track.

“Mariah Carey lip syncing always SENDS me cuz it’s so blatant. Like she doesn’t even try to hide it,” wrote one critic.

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Someone else said, “So @MariahCarey don’t sing foreal anymore? Smh.”

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade / via Instagram
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“I wish I could get paid to stand and look cute lip syncing like Mariah Carey … that chick sang not one note,” criticized another.

“And here she is ladies and gentlemen! The self proclaimed Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. …and yeah, I think she’s lip synching,” said a fourth.

And another noticed, “Mariah Carey is lip syncing. What a shock.”

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Still another said, “What a great performance from #MariahCarey, totally live!! Lol.”

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Carey wrote on Instagram, “Happy Thanksgiving!!! Grateful and so proud of my beautiful kids Roc and Roe, grateful for the lambily and for the precious moments in life. Now it’s reaaaallly time!!!”

Her boyfriend commented, “Best performance of the year!!!”

Her performance was also just days after she was blocked from trademarking “Queen of Christmas” by singer Elizabeth Chan. The US Trademark Trial and Appeal board ruled against Carey’s attempt to trademark the title as well as “Princess Christmas” and “QOC”.

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@sydneybarinas / TikTok

Seems like the holiday season might be tough for this royal.

Written by Kate Hackett

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