Madonna Just Came Out As Gay — Maybe?

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Madonna’s TikTok account is honestly by far the most confusing, chaos gremlin account out there. She is constantly posting mind-boggling videos that leave the internet scratching their collective heads, and her latest post is no exception.

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She posts everything from creepy kiss videos that make the singer look like an alien to clips of her giving her followers positive affirmations while using a Baby Yoda filter. The most recent video, however, seems to be jumping on a trend. The TikTok shows Madonna standing in an ornate bathroom, a pair of hot pink lacy underwear in her hands. The video overlay reads, “If I miss, I’m Gay!”

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The video cuts to Madonna throwing the hot pink underwear to a trash can set in the middle of her bathroom floor and missing spectacularly. The video cuts back to face her again, and the 64-year-old just waves sardonically at the camera with a small smile.

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The video has left viewers even more confused than usual, a surprising feat.

“Did I just witness Madonna coming out, good for her,” one commenter asked.

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Another TikToker pointed out, “We are witnessing herstory,” while yet another joked, “Her PR team is freaking out rn.”

“Did Madonna just come out? And I’m witnessing it in real time??”

“Madonna has been an out bisexual for literally decades my dudes,” a fifth commenter mentioned, ending their comment with a laughing emoji.

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As the last commenter pointed out, this isn’t the first time that Madonna has talked about not being straight. Just last week, the singer posted a video with the caption, “What it’s like dating men….,” followed by a series of laughing emojis. In the video, she is wearing a bright green outfit and walks toward the camera, lipsyncing to an audio that says, “I hope you’re hungry…for nothing.”


What it’s like dating men………… 😂😂😂😂

♬ original sound – M.M.
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Given that today, October 11, is National Coming Out Day, the timing seems too perfect to be a joke by the 64-year-old singer.