Kim Kardashian Called Out For Using A Filter On ‘Tonight Show’

kim kardashian tonight show filter, kim kardashian filter
Tonight Show/YouTube

It appears that Kim Kardashian’s use of face filters has extended to in-person appearances, according to astute fans who watched her recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Kim, as well as the rest of the Kardashian family, have long been accused of and caught out altering their faces and bodies in social media posts. They go to rather extreme measures to always look picture-perfect, and some have even accused Khloe Kardashian of using a filter on posts of her daughter, True, on Instagram. Kim has even gone so far as to say that if she were told eating poop would make her look younger, she just might do it.

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The Kardashians star made an appearance on The Tonight Show to promote her new skincare line, SKKN. 

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Kim claims that the beauty products are the real reason that her skin looks smooth and youthful, but there appear to be other reasons as well: filters, even on a show like The Tonight Show. However, Instagram account @problematicfame was quick to point out what they think to be glitches from filters the show used to alter Kim’s face.

Problematic Fame is an account born of the desire to point out the innumerable instances when celebrities alter photos and go through plastic surgery to “improve” their appearances in the hopes that young girls and women don’t try to hold themselves to impossible standards. 

The account posted side-by-side screenshots from a brief video Kim recorded with Jimmy prior to the interview, where the filter appears to glitch.

“Did anyone catch the filter glitch here?” the account wrote on their Instagram Story along with the video. They followed up with the side-by-sides showing the difference in the photos. On the left, Kim’s skin appears to be perfectly normal with the typical imperfections that come with being human. 

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The photo on the right shows Kim’s skin looking flawless with no wrinkles or texture. In one of the shots, the account pointed out, Kim’s face even looked blurry, like they were trying to smooth out her skin but did a poor job of it.

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This isn’t a good look for someone trying to claim that her skincare line is the reason for her “perfect” skin.