‘Karen’ Has Full Meltdown Over Woman’s Emotional Support Animal Right In Front Of Her

Emotional support animals are absolute heroes — just remember, please don’t bother them! They are at work! Unfortunately, one “Karen” was recently caught losing her marbles at the mere presence of one of these noble creatures.

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A TikToker filmed the scene at a restaurant, and the video has gone viral as people registered their disbelief at the situation.

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In the video, courtesy of @chaoticqxeen, the on-screen caption explained that, “Karen was mad bc I had my ESA service dog inside of the restaurant with me. Mind you my dog is just laying on the floor behind me and the manager was okay with her being inside the business.”

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She then added, “Karen’s out here getting outta hand.”

The video begins with the Karen on the phone, waving her arms and complaining how most pets for people with disabilities need to be “trained to do something,” but an emotional support animal “just has to provide emotional support.”

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However, according to the AKC, this is not really accurate. The site explains that in order to be a legal emotional animal, the “pet needs to be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness.”

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But Karen called the dog’s presence “unreasonable” and slapped her thighs angrily.

The other customers waiting in line were looking at each other and looking at the Karen, perplexed that one person could make so much fuss over a pretty chill dog.

I don’t know about you, but I always love seeing an emotional support animal. They make people happy! Who can get mad about that?

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Featured Image: TikTok