“Karen” Calls Three Women “Prostitutes” For Taking Bikini Pics At The Beach

Allie Wright was on a family vacation in Florida, doing exactly what people do when they’re on vacation in Florida: wear bathing suits, hang out at the beach, and take pictures.

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For one Karen — the scientific term for any woman who hates minding her own business — the sight of young women in bikinis enjoying themselves on a beach was TOO MUCH TO BEAR.

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So, she stomped right up to the group, who was posing for photos near the water’s edge, and gave them a piece of her mind.

And that piece of mind? They look like “prostitutes.”

The woman stomped over to the group to scold them, saying what they were doing was “like, prostitute stuff.”

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“You know what you’re going to put this on the internet or some s***, and someone is going to be stalking you,” she said.

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What a warm introduction!

This feral Karen has probably never been on Instagram. Because if she were, she’d know this is how you ‘do it for the gram.’ If you’re not flaunting your best angles, you are doing it wrong.

“We look like prostitutes for wearing swimsuits?” one of the young women said.

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Another one in the group made an astute observation for Karen: “Everyone is wearing swimsuits on the beach.”

Karen’s Komeback?

“You’re doing these little sexy things. You weren’t standing there. This is a family beach.”


PSA apparently taking pictures on the beach w your fam makes you prostitutes #karen #floridahype

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Fun fact, Kare Bear. Wright was taking the pictures with her sister and her cousin.

In the comments, people were curious what the posing looked like to make Florida Karen so angry. So, Wright showed TikTok the horribly scandalous image, noting her sister and her cousin did not want their faces revealed. (Fair!)

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In the TikTok video, Wright noted that one of the women’s hands is up because she was telling Karen to go away.

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