Kanye West’s Media Rep Shuts Down Claims He Told Kim He’s ‘Going Away To Get Help’ And Will Stop Harassing Her

kanye going away to get help
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Late last week, a source close to the Kardashian family told Page Six that Kanye West promised ex-wife Kim that he was “going away to get help.”

“For the sake of the kids, Kanye has told Kim he’s not making any public appearances or inflammatory social media statements, and he will go away somewhere to get better.”

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This anonymous source, however, wasn’t clear on the details of what this would entail, and if West would be leaving the area to enter a treatment facility.

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Since that reporting on April 1, West’s media representative, Jason Lee, released a statement that the 44-year-old rapper had said no such thing.

Jason Lee is the CEO and founder of Hollywood Unlocked and began his role as West’s media rep a few short weeks ago. 

“[West] monitors all headlines pertaining to him and his family daily,” Lee said in the statement to Yahoo.

“Most all are being fed to media by ‘sources close to the Kardashians,’ which have been creating a false narrative that not only is untrue but further compromises his goal of creating a healthy environment for the beautiful children he shares with Kim,” Lee went on. “He’s been focused on taking care of himself, being a present and loving father and a creative genius well before all the false headlines we’ve seen as recent.”

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Lee placed an emphasis on checking the source of statements like the one released on April 1.

The West media rep said, “If you don’t hear it from his mouth, read it from his social media, or get it from a press release he approved it’s simply false.”

“At this time, [West] is committed to a healthy co-parenting relationship with Kim and is focused on raising their beautiful children,” he concluded.

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Over the past several months, West has used social media to antagonize and harass ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

On numerous occasions, West has written about harming ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson (whom he calls “Skete”), including a lyric in the track ‘Eazy’ and the song’s music video showing him burying Davidson alive, and excusing it as “artistic expression.”