Surgery-Addicted Instagram Model Say She Was Kicked Off Flight Because Her Clothes Were ‘Too Explicit’


An Instagram model who goes by Mary Magdalene has recently been booted off a flight from Canada to Dallas, for her travel attire being, “too explicit.”

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The airline crew insists that Magdalene was kicked off the flight for not taking off her headphones and for refusing to listen to the flight attendant’s instructions.

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Magdalene defended herself to her followers online while posting a selfie, saying that she was sleeping when the airline staff first approached her and spoke with her about her appearance in her sports bra.

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No one thought to have a discussion with her during security, prior to boarding?

“Discrimination of my kind is not a nice feeling for anyone. If a small chested girl wore the same thing, they would not say anything,” Magdalene wrote.

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Being confronted by officials about your appearance and attire is embarrassing and nerve-wracking.

Why wait until boarding to finally confront the woman about her clothing? Also, are flight attendants taught how to gracefully engage in these confrontations and not shame a client?

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She plans to sue the airline company, citing that she was discriminated against because of her 22-pound boobs.

According to TMZ, the Canadian model has dropped over six figures to enhance her body.

She also mentioned in her story that she spent $5,000 on her plane ticket.

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Oooh Lord have mercy and… #FREEMARY