Iggy Azalea Has No Time For Your Body Shaming Comments

@albertoperez706/TikTok via @LUXURY0RN0THING/Twitter

I truly cannot figure out why anyone would waste their time trolling celebrities online, but there are those people and those people are jerks.

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A Twitter user recently shared a video of Iggy Azalea twerking at the Long Beach Pride festival in Long Beach, CA on July 22.

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They captioned the tweet,  “Iggy really be tossing that big MF.”

The comments were immediately unkind.

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“She needs to toss that mf in the dumpster along with them weak a** raps,” wrote one person.

A second commented, “Oh this looks atrocious.”

@luxuryornothing / Twitter
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Azalea wrote in the comments as a reply to everyone body shaming her:

“It’s a good thing I genuinely feel happy about myself & my body cause y’all stay in every comment section talking the most sh*t about me & it’s very mean spirited & ugly.

Ps. your man 100% wants to f’k me.”

She confirmed later that she was addressing the comment section, not the original tweet. Fans were supportive of her, noting that the comments were “mad and bitter”. They also complimented her twerking skills.

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@nickibabyfatha / Twitter

“You’re one of the sexiest women on the planet. You keep twerking as long as you want with your fine looking self,” wrote one person.

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A second said, “I mean I 100% want you!! You body is amazing! Ignore hateful people. They are too mean!”

Another said it was inspiring: “This truly is mesmerising, My girl is dual heritage and has the big bunda with skinny waist and I wish she would dance like this for me. It’s a beautiful thing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise just as I say to her.”

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Others told Iggy to just block these people. “I stay blocking those hateful people cause I don’t wanna see them anywhere again.”

Azalea is the first non-American female rapper to reach number 1 on the Billboard chart. She has several awards and accolades, but her success has also been tainted by accusations of culturally appropriating Black music. She left her record label to form her own label, Bad Dreams. She has repeatedly had to defend herself against body shamers.

Written by Kate Hackett

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