“What Was The Most Horrific ‘Compliment’ A Man Has Ever Given You?”—20 Replies

11. Just gets worse

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Similarly, my first week living with a landlord I was apologizing a lot and washing my dishes one day and he said “if you apologize one more time I’ll have to bend you over my knee and spank you” he’s 50, his wife lives there too; I’m 23.


12. Mommy issues

I had a guy in college tell me (in the middle of making out) that I reminded him of his mother. Broke up with him the next day. No thank you, Norman Bates.

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13. Um, what?

“You look hot, but like addicted to heroin hot”

I told him to f–k off and lick my boots, and he actually licked them. Super weird.


14. This definitely isn’t the way to do it.

“You will look so pretty wearing a hijab”. I am an agnostic and like to wear tank tops.


15. Creep alert

Well I was 14 at an anime convention when a 19-year-old man told me I was hot, followed by “no one here over 16 is hot.”

I was flattered at the time because I had no self esteem and thought I was super unattractive. Whenever I think about it now my skin crawls.

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16. What boundaries?

Dude here, but, a real double whammy I just felt compelled to share…. I recently basically banished somebody for life when he made a comment to me that my 12 year old daughter looked “very well developed” and implied that she was “going to make all my hair turn gray” in the next few years.


17. Again, WHAT??

A guy I went out with told me he was “shocked my brother is gay while having such a beautiful sister like me”… I’d hope my f–king brother wouldn’t be attracted to me under ANY circumstance, wtf…


18. Is it really hard to just be respectful?

One time I was walking into my job, which is in a pretty not great neighborhood, and a guy yelled “hey there beautiful” at me. I gave him a look and kept walking. He followed me a few steps, and told me I should have thanked him for “the compliment”. Ladies, I lost it. I lectured that guy so hard. Told him I didn’t have to thank anyone for a “compliment” I didn’t ask for, that women didn’t particularly like unsolicited observations about their looks, and that he should probably either learn to be respectful to women or kindly f–k off. 

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19. There’s always a but…

“You’re probably very insecure and feel bad about your height but…”.

I’m 5’11”, I get they possibly meant well on some level but I’ve never listen to their whole sentence. (there’s been more than 1 lol).


20. GTFO!

Wasn’t said to me but to one of my friends, I was at the bar with, about me.

“Your friend looks like she would be hard to rape.”