“What Was The Most Horrific ‘Compliment’ A Man Has Ever Given You?”—20 Replies


Men often think they’ve got all the right words to sweep women off their feet, but they’re usually wrong. Sure, those words may have been spoken with good intentions but sometimes they just come out sounding creepy and gross. Other times, the intentions aren’t so pure, which makes the situation even worse.

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In a recent Reddit thread, women are answering the question:

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“What was the most horrific ‘compliment’ a man has ever given you?”

The answers are super cringe-worthy. Most men seem to be convinced that telling a woman she looks good for her age is kind but it’s really not. There’s also the classic comment about being so attracted to her, he can’t control himself, as if that isn’t as rapey as it comes.

Here are 20 horrific comments women have received from men.

1. If I had the chance…

“If I had the chance I don’t think I could stop myself from f–king you.”

Did you just say you’d rape me?? Thankfully the people I was with made it very clear he was no longer welcome.

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2. When you were young…

Not to me but, “I bet you were really attractive when you were young.”


3. …for your age

“You look really good…/pause/…for your age.”

Ouch. I’m 50 but not dead, go f–k yourself, I mean thank you, I guess?


4. Comments about eating

My partner and I were at a higher-end brunch buffet. I behaved as I usually do and our server goes, “Does she usually eat this well, sir?”. I was horrified and thought he was referring to a pet animal.

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5. If only…

Always hilarious when men say to me, “I’d totally f–k you if you lost some weight,” as if there’s any chance in hell I’d f–k them at any weight.


6. We could make it work?

“You’re heavier than I like but I can make it work” …??????????


7. Those childbearing hips

“Your hips look like they’ll give birth to strong boys.” There were no coherent words that I could come up with to that “compliment”.

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8. “Complimenting” little girls

Some stranger called me “hot” when I was 13 and told me I could pass off as 18 when I told him how old (or young) I was.

It made me sick to the stomach and he sat down next to me when we got on the train and kept talking to me, and I didn’t know how to tell someone else on the train that I felt unsafe since I was a very shy kid.


9. Just gross

I used to get cat called walking to school. We had uniforms and everyone in the area knew we belonged to the middle/high school. That did not stop the guys from telling me how they wanted to discipline me or play out their schoolgirl fantasies or all the other nasty things they said. It made me want to vomit.


10. Why would anyone think this was appropriate?

My former landlord text me that he loved to fantasize about all the places he could hide in my house so that he could ambush me any time he wanted. He reminded me that he had the key. I moved out the next week.

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