TikTok Trend Shares Struggle Of Ladies Who Have To Stay At Their Boyfriends’ Messy Homes

madelynkrueger/TikTok, katiedragoo/TikTok, madisonmercog/TikTok

There’s a new trend going around TikTok, and it’s one that may make you rethink ever dating a guy again.

It’s a little stereotypical to say that women generally keep their living spaces cleaner than men, but it’s a stereotype that didn’t just pop up out of thin air. Straight men living by themselves or with other guys as roommates often fall into one of two categories — their places are completely barren of anything but the absolute necessities or their homes are a trainwreck more often than not.

For the girls who date them, this can be a bit of a challenge. How many times can you coerce a guy into spending the night at your nice, clean apartment before it becomes your turn to shove his wrinkled laundry off the bed to have a night at his place?

Some TikTokers decided it was time to highlight this constant struggle with videos juxtaposing their own fresh and clean sanctuaries with their boyfriends’ nightmare cribs.

Madelyn Krueger seems to have started the trend, opening up by saying goodbye to her nicely made bed and taking viewers on a tour of her BF’s apartment, complete with stained floors, food in the bedroom, and a bathroom that very well may never have been cleaned, ever.

Other TikTokers related to her pain and began sharing their own. And some of the videos are truly horrifying.

Like going from this fairy princess world to a haven for dirty dishes:

Or waking up to a fridge that’s really only stocked with beer and condiments:

Or in what can only be a literal frathouse:

Another frat house…ladies. Raise your standards.

And is that a giant swordfish?

One can only imagine there’s a version of this trend out there somewhere that reverses the gender norms at play — there must be. But we sure haven’t found it yet.